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had pink undertones in my skin

I've always had pink undertones in my skin but recently they've become a lot more pronounced. So much so that even if I pile on makeup you can still see it coming through. I'm becoming more and more afraid that it's rosacea like all the others. And I search all the relevant information on the internet. And I get a clear picture of what Is Rosacea? What Causes Rosacea? via the article in rosacea.dormitory and I have get a clear picture of this sickness and am sure I am not suffer it.

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I don't have the total answer but here is what I do know, from my experience and research on net:

There are different levels of rosacea. Some have it worse than others. Spicy foods can make it worse. On me, emotions really show in my blushing etc. and the emotions seem to sorta break my skin out in zits.

One of the best things for rosacea is to calm the skin, treat it gently, keep moisturizers on it, this info is what I learned from dermatologist. I have a new cream RX called Finacea which my doc gave me; I use sparingly on chin, around nose and center of face. It seems to help reduce the redness and irritation.

My dr sorta went along with me, when I said i thought i might have rosacea, he said why. I told him about my redness and acne, located largely in center of face and chin (especially chin) and he agreed, then gave me Rx for rosacea. Not sure if there are clear requirements for the problem to be classed as rosacea.

One treatment they give frequently is low dose antibiotics. to prevent breakouts. Supposedly low enough to not cause side effects. helps a lot of people with rosacea. :wavey:


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