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Retin-A Micro + Sodium Sulfacetamide

I didn't get any responses to the last thread I made, maybe because I'm new! So hopefully I will get more help this time, haha.

I'm a 20 year old male and have been on 100mg minocycline once a day, and 10% sodium sulfacetimade/5% sulfur product called Prascion every night. It's been pretty great and the past couple weeks I haven't had any pimples, typically I'll get a couple a week, once in a while a bigger one on the chin or lower cheek area.

But, like I'm sure many others have experienced-- I'm still not happy with my skin! I know I should be, and in regular lighting I think it looks great, but if I ever look in a makeup mirror or any bright light, alll the problems become apparent-- blackheads on the nose, some red marks on the forehead, lots of acne marks and so forth. If you run a hand over my skin it feels entirely smooth, and from a distance looks entirely smooth, but it's just very upsetting to look at it in a bright light/close up and see that it's not all that great.

I'm going to the derm tomorrow, but I'm been reading a lot about Retin-A micro and the initial breakouts people experience. So

1. Is it possible that the minocycline and maybe putting on the sulfur in the mornings after washing my face of the retin-a micro I put on at night......is it possible that breakouts will be reduced?

2. Does the harshness of breakouts on a retin-a product depend on how many pimples you currently get? I mean if I have had say 4 in the past 2-3 weeks, is my skin suddenly going to be bad again? Is it possible NOT to have an initial breakout?

Thanks so much guys.

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So I'm actually following almost the exact same drug regimen as you, but I just started. I'm a 22yr old male with moderate acne on retin-a micro 0.04%, doxycyline 100mg, and prascion cleanser. I've only used the RAM + doxy for a few weeks and the prascion for a week though.

From my standpoint, using the sulfur in the morning is good, but make sure to use less time for it (10 sec should be fine). Please be extra gentle when massaging it as well, since the RAM will make your skin sensitive. I find that it keeps the RAM-induced bumps from turning into full blown pustules.

And for your second question, yes it does. I was on Differin for the longest time before this, and it really helped up until a few months ago. I'm sure that this is the reason why my initial breakout isn't as bad, with just alot of smaller whiteheads and papules popping up. Your acne seems to be in alot better condition than mine. How bad are those 4 pimples?

Hope this helps, but then again I haven't been on these for a long time.

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