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Hey guys,

Quick background. Acne for last 10 years. Several years of very severe, face, chest, and back. Back and chest are clear now. Never have had a clear face. Really want to put all this Acne BS in my past. Acne causes me depression and anxiety.

Past treatments:

OTC benzoyl peroxide

OTC salicylic acid





Chemical Peels


Smooth Beam Laser

V beam laser


Diet Changes

Vitamin Regimines

Holistic approaches etc...

So I recently moved and went to a new derm. She told me to take Doryx ( Time release Doxycycline) and Epiduo once a day.

So this was 2 weeks ago and the sample packs of both drugs are still just sitting on my desk. Basically, I'm too scared to start a new treatment because of my 10 years of failed treatments, side effects, and irritation.

What should I do?

I'm 23 so this BS has to end 1 day, although, I have been telling myself that for years now.

Should I take the Antibiotic? Is there any chance that this will hurt me more than help me? What about the Epiduo? I've tried benzoyl peroxide and topical retonoids before but they didn't work, should I still try the Epiduo? Can that hurt me?

Basically I am super nervous of my acne getting worse or having side effects. My mom had a theory that now, since my acne is for sure better than it was, the antibiotics may have a real effect. Any opinions on that?

I would say now that my acne is moderate and in the past it has been severe and cystic. Currently, I have widespread black heads and clogged pores. Pretty much my entire nose and all the pores near my nose. Lots of clogged pores/black heads on my chin and forehead area also. On average, if I wanted to, at any given time on any given day there are at least 30-40 pores I could squeeze pus out of that are not inflamed. ( I don't EVER pick at my face anymore though)

Then inflamed acne and or white heads. I would say on average I have between 10-20 lessions that could be popped. And then probably 20-30 red spots that are healing. Pretty much widespread throughout my whole face. Extending a little on my neck below my ears and sometimes under my jawline and under my chin. My acne seems to have gotten better in the sense that I don't get the huge cystic swollen painful acne. But still, I have total acne all over my face and it bothers me severely.

Should I have faith and take the drugs.

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also. I got a clarisonic brush that I have been using for the last month. Should i continue that if I go with the new Meds? I can't tell if it helps yet or not but it cost 300$ so I don't want to give up on it yet.

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i have epiduo and im on antibiotics too.

they really do work!

may not completely clear up your face but it will fix it up slowly.

when you use epiduo dont use it every night for the first 2 weeks you have it use every 3rd day so your skin gets used to it.

but antibiotics and topical creams like epiduo actually do show improvements to the skin,

but remember to be patient

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If medicines like accutane and minocycline didn't do much for you, then I don't see how doxycycline will. Plus your body is bound to become resistance to it after sometimes.

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