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I have been sitting in my room for 3 days straight now, when I go out it's the hoodie up hat low and just to get enough food so I don't starve. I've been sleeping all day in this mini-depression because I had the worst breakout i've ever had spring up on me on Sunday. I went to the docs yesterday and got

100mg Caps of Minocycline

1% Clindamycin with the applier stick

Now I can deal with normal breakouts and pimples, as a matter of fact, i'm greatful for the way my face was before this. The whiteheads are beginning to dry but still look nasty...Idk if this medicine is helping...will it?

Are any of you on the same stuff? Thoughts feelings advice anything will be much appreciated

I was on 90mg of Solodyn before with a BP gel for the past like 2 years, but was sporadic in getting refills and making appointments with the Dermatologist.

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Moved to the antibiotics sub forum.

I have used Doxycycline before and yes, my skin broke out a bit beforehand, but i haven't had very much experience with that particular drug.

Clindamycin should not initially break you out but make sure you are only apply it to spot treat. It might cause irritation otherwise.

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I was just prescribed Clindamycin today, gonna start using it tonight. I really really hope it works cuz I'm beyond miserable right now.

I read that it doesn't keep working, and you become immune...is that true? I know when I was on Benzaclin it worked at first and then stopped.

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