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Which sunscreen for pale skin sensitive to light?

I live in Iceland and have very white skin (although my face is a little reddish after 6 months on the Regimen). I don't have any active acne so I think it's safe to start using a sunscreen. I've also been on AHA+ for a while and that has added to the redness. Although there isn't much sun here I feel that my facial skin is irritated by fluorescent lights at school and strong lights as well. I've decided to start using a sunscreen to try and protect my skin better and to reduce redness and hopefully help fade red marks. I am now wondering which sunscreen would be best for me. My skin is naturally very oily although it isn't really while I'm on the Regimen. Could you please recommend me one? I found this one at my local pharmacy and I see that it's non-comedogenic. Do you think it'd work?

Also, when should sunscreen be applied? After moisturizer and Jobjoba oil? Should I use it every day and only during the day or night too (I'm not exposed to light at night but I'm just wondering if it could still help having it on).

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Aw I just used it today. I didn't like it though. It leaves a brown make-up-like color on my face. What is bad about alcohol though?

Could you please suggest me a good sunscreen that I can order online?

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you can check out the reviews for that sun screen you hav...they sound good and it looks okay to me alchohol is not that bad....all you really want to avoid is avobenzone!

oh is it tinted? perhaps thats why its leaving your face like that...

welll someone wrote this too me today they must be right and Dan everybody does love OLay

"I know under Dan's recommended moisturizers he has revoked his support on Olay Complete moisturizer with Spf, but they have since changed their ingredients back to zinc oxide. The old, "bad" Olay is in a white and yellow-topped box (http://i.walmartimages.com/i/p/11/13/00/02...671_150X150.jpg), but the new "good" Olay with zinc oxide is in the white and gold-topped box (http://i.walmartimages.com/i/p/11/13/00/02...315_215X215.jpg). The new Olay complete even has "improved formula" on the packaging I saw in the store. I was at the store and read the ingredients, and it indeed dropped the avobenzone for zinc oxide again and octinoxate. The store I went to still carried the older Olay with avobenzone, but my curiousity got to me when I saw the gold-topped boxes stocked behind the older Olay box. When I grabbed the gold-topped box behind that and read the ingredients, it was the new Olay with zinc oxide and octinoxate. So I think if you find the newer formula of Olay Complete SPF, it's worth a shot"

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The links you provided don't work. Can you please give me a link to the product at the Walmart website so I can at least try to find a store which ships internationally?

Thanks ;)

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