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FAO UK Roaccutane users

I was just wondering whether current Roaccutane users in the UK could tell me a little bit about the process that lead them to the 'last resort'.

I have only dealt solely with GP's so far and have never actually seen a dermatologist in my whole life, not through lack of trying, however. Although my doctor has suggested that might possibly be the next option should my current treatment fail.

So what happens when you are referred to a dermatologist? Will they go through the same sort of treatments again or will they offer you Roaccutane?

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I was wondering the same thing earlier this year! Here's how I managed to get my prescription.

Having managed to find a new GP who was really sympathetic, for about 6 months I had to go through all the treatments again (various antibiotics etc.) to satisfy him that they wouldn't work, and also because it had been a year or two since I'd last tried each of them. Once this had been proved to have no effect, he was happy to refer me to a dermatologist even though my acne was only rated 'mild to moderate'.

About two or three months later I received a referral letter from the hospital asking me to book an appointment. The available appointments were again a couple of months later, but when I finally got there, the dermatologist was very understanding and agreed that Roaccutane (or rather, isotretinoin) was likely to be the only thing to help.

I think the process was also eased by the fact that I had had a previous course several years ago, and experienced no severe side effects.

Just be honest with your GP and, if you really have tried all the other options, prepare a well-reasoned argument for why you think you should go on isotretinoin. Having said that, I never had to use any of my well-rehearsed ones which seemed like a bit of a waste! ;)

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