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red marks make scars stand out more!!!

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Ive had 4 pixel treatment, the doc went over the scars 2 times over, after the scabs/dead skin falls of, the skin looks tighter and i can clearly see the scars have been filled in, but a week later, my skin sags and goes back to its normal state and with the red marks, makes the scars looks even worse!!!!!!!!!!!!

i only have a few red marks on my cheeks, when i get hot or the blood starts rushing, thats when wen they kick in to action, i hate it!

what medicines? or what should i drink/put on my face daily to get rid of these red marks. and how often should i do this and when do i expect to see results? could sumone please tell about the lemon/water/rose water stuff u drink/put on ur face. how do u do it? when etc is all this safe to try after couples weeks after pixel laser?

iv read about TAMANU OIL, its costs about £18 here in uk, wow! shocked!

anything else? please giv detailed accounts, 10 years with scars and red marks has takne it toll now :(

thnks a mill!!!!!!!!!!!!

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