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Topicals and Tanning (Look here if you are using topicals & want to bake)

I am a sucker for tanning beds. Even though my skin naturally is far from pale, I still always enjoy tanning once a week because it relaxes me and gives me a nice glow. Ever since I started Retin A I was under the impression I couldn't tan. I tried the whole towel over face thing, but I burned. The reality is even with a towel only 6-10% of UV rays get blocked out, which makes it ineffective.

Anyway long story short, I have been browsing and browsing for a UV blocking face mask, and couldn't find one anywhere until about a month ago a lady at work told me that they do exist and where I can buy them. I tested it out and my face hasn't burned at all and I still get to tan. It sais on their site the mask blocks out greater than 99.8% of harmful UV rays, and you can actually breathe when you wear it in the tanning bed, unlike with a towel.

I don't think I can post a link to the site here, but if anyone is interested let me know, and I will pm you the site. This is seriously great for those of us using topicals that still want to tan the body. Woooo for the nice sexy glow. :D

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Yeah, my acne i dont think shows up as bad if i tan. I dont blame you. I'm a guy and i even think tanning relaxes me too, especially in the winter months. Hey, gotta look good for the ladies :) I just apply my stuff right after i'm done showering after my tan

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