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Dan's Salicylic Acid

So what's the verdict? Dan, are you going to sell your salicylic acid in *alpha* mode now, or shut down production? Should I buy 200 bottles now if I want access to them in the future!?!

If you decide not to continue, could you recommend a brand?


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Dan has decided to discontinue the SA. He really feels the AHA lotion is a better product. http://www.acne.org/blog/2009/04/03/answer...c-acid-and-aha/

So, if you like the SA, stock up now. As for a replacement, there are so many SA products out there in stores and online.

You might ask in the OTC meds forum which SA product people prefer, and feel free to browse the ratings section too.


Hope that helps.

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I recall him raving about the SA at one point. Personally I think he looked at the numbers and realized SA wouldn't be as profitable as the other products so it was a bad business venture. There's no other reason why he'd pull the SA off the market. AHA is an alpha-hydroxy acid, SA is a beta-hydroxy acid, they both have different functions. Why not sell both.

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I'm pulling the SA on November 30 and it will no longer be on the web site. I will blog about my reasons for it next week.

As for another comparable brand, I don't know of one in particular. Sorry.

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Paula's Choice BHA (SA) liquid is one I use religiously as an adjunct to the Regimen, and it has helped make my skin as soft as a baby's butt. It works well as a toner too. However, it's not that good at treating the actual acne, so I use BP as well.


The exact same product/formula is repackaged as the "clear extra strength toner" for her anti-acne line:


Again they're both the same product, and both very very good.

edit: sorry, i have no idea how to link to outside sites on this thing

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