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virtually cured... and wrinkles are gone too!

I'm male, upper 30s. I had moderate but very persistent acne since age 15 and it's 95% gone now. I also had seborrhea since 18 and it too is gone. But the big big surprise is my forehead wrinkles are 80% improved. My skin looks much younger. Here is my regimen:

Accutane 20mg/day for 5 months, but now down to 10mg/day maintenance dose

tanzorac .05% 1-2 times per week for the past 6 weeks.

AHA 8% lotion 3 times per week for 5 months.

Clarisonic 2x per day.

No chocolate at all; minimize greasy foods like hamburgers.

That's it.

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Congratulations to you on getting clear!

I am a woman in the 30s and I've also done a roaccutane treatment this year (higher dose than you), for residues of deep, cystic acne from my teenage years, which were held inside my body for a long time, suppressed by hormonal contraception. Anyway, I find that roaccutane smoothens out wrinkles amazingly, but it seems to me that that is a temporary effect. (After about 3 months off roaccutane that effect started to ebb away a little bit, but I'm back on it now for 2 months as I was not totally clear at the end of treatment, and immediately the smoothness is back.)

But, some improvement for our general complexions may well be permanent. Certainly healthy lifestyle changes improve our general complexion. Acne, of course, eats away our life's happiness, and deciding that we are not going to put up with that anymore and doing an effective treatment can get us out of that depression, and being happy is certainly the best rejuvenator out there.

Good luck, and stay happy (- and clear)!

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