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I think my dermatologist lied to me, he injected steroid needle in me and I'm scared now! What should I do?

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I had a severe acne pimple and very foolishly, I picked at it because I had an important event coming up. Worst mistake of my life. Now 2 months later I'm in a bit of a jam. I went to the dermatologist last week and he told me I had post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. He said he could inject some kind of steroid in it and it'd be gone by Wednesday (thats today). Well the redness, at least a lot of it, had faded....one problem its been replace by WHITE/PINKISH skin now!

I suspect it may be a scar, but the dermatologist said he didnt think it was. I am so angry right now, I paid $300 and the post-acne blemish or whatever it is is still there! In a different form.

I just want my normal sking back! It's an ugly, circle thing on my head and it looks shiny and pinkish/whitish when seen under a light compared to the rest of my normal skin.

Please PLEASE tell me what I should do? I'm afraid to go back to the idiot dermatologist because he told me it'd be better by now and I no longer trust him! Yet he should try to fix this mess because he lied to me!

HELP! Will this ever go away or am I screwed? I believe I may have HYPOpigmentation now, as opposed to HYPERpigmentation. Will it return to normal color after some time? The skin itself where the blemish is, feels normal. Not depressed, or anything. But it LOOKS like its had trauma under a light, LOOKS anyway. But it feels smooth! I'm not sure what to do. Should I see another dermatologist? I dont wanna keep sinking my hard earned money into something I'm not sure about!


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This is definitely not the place for you darling. These questions belong on yahoo. (Beware of the Vitamin E recommendations)

Apply maderma, moisturizer idk whatever. It's not a scar it will fade with time, you’re not "screwed".

But I guess that can only mean everyone else in here is, and are probably praying everyday to be in your position.

I'm going to bed.

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