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Hello everybody,

I just turned 29, and I suffer from the worst acne of my life. Actually, I never really had acne besides the occasional zit up until a few months ago. I am living in South Korea as a teacher, after living in the Northwest US for my entire life. I'm beginning to think I benefited from the good air, I'm not sure. I've been here about 8 months, and the first 5 months or so, my skin was completely normal. Then, out of nowhere, I started getting really bad breakouts on my forehead. They were far different than I had before. It would be several tiny whiteheads in one small area. At first, I thought maybe I wasn't taking good care of my skin, so I became more vigorous in my face washing (from one time daily to twice). I saw no results.

I had my sister send me some face wash from the states that had BP in it. I had used this before, and always thought it did a nice job keeping me clear. Instead, it seemed to irritate my skin, and make my skin very dry and flaky. I toned it down, used a different cleanser, applied BP at night, and used moisturizer. I saw improvement, but now I am stuck with a lot of faded red spots all over my forehead with the occasional zit scattered in.

I was trying to think of what changed for me as I began to break out. I had mold in my apartment, and had been living in it for a little while (gross, I know, but in Korea things take a little longer to get taken care of). I finally was moved to a different apartment, and noticed a difference. Is it possible that the mold in the air contributed? I wouldn't be surprised...

Though the breakouts faded a bit, the red spots remain, making it look like I still have pretty bad acne. I gotta say, this has been a really humbling experience. I've always had good skin, and this has made it really hard to be social, etc.

Since I live in Korea, it's difficult to find decent products, and when I do, I can't exactly read the labels. BP is basically non existent and I can't order it to deliver over here. I wouldn't even know how to begin to look for some of these products here, and to order them is really expensive or can't be done.

So, basically, I want to know if anyone has any tips for me... I really want to get clear. The breakouts have subsided, but the redness is turning out to be really hard to get rid of! I've been reading on the forums about some of the suggestions for the redness, but I have no idea how I am going to get these products.

I am going to limit my cleansing and BP to once a day, and see if that helps. Is it possible my washing is making it worse? Will the redness ever go away? Will it ever get better?

Thanks in advance... :)

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Azelex, Finacea, Finevin, & Melazepam all same thing 20% Azelaic acid. This stuff will stop your redness cold and fight your acne. Tell your sister to send you some if you cant find it in chinatown. :)

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