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So, I have had bad acne past. As of this last year it has not been as bad as it has been in the previous years of my life. However, towards the beginning of the year it was not great. The whole year I have been trying to nail down a regimen that I think works and gives me what I want. As of bout 2-3 months ago I figured out pretty much exactly what I need to include in my regimen and what order to do things in. So, I had that down. I had been in the practice of using this regimen very strictly for about 1 1/2 months or 2 months. My face was really getting better. I mean, I was almost perfectly clear. I had even gotten to the point a couple of times lately where post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation was the only problem I had left to deal with. Then, I missed my routine one morning because I woke up too late to get it done before work. For my alternate I bought a toner/astringent with alcohol SD 40 in it and witch hazel and I also bought an oil with vitamin E, aloe vera and safflower oil in it. I figured at the moment that I would wipe my face clean with a wipe, then I would use the toner and then the oil and moisturizer together. I would do this at work in place of my routine. I had remembered reading about Vitamin E and redness. I had remember that it was supposed to soothe the redness away. I don't know where I read that, but this is what I thought I remembered. I also remember reading reviews on how wonderful the aloe vera was at ridding people of their acne problems on the acne.org site. So, I thought this oil would be good and I would give it a try. I bought the toner because of the witch hazel in it. I actually did not realize the alcohol until later. So, I actually used the toner a few more times. Then I realized the alcohol and discontinued the use of that because I hate alcohol on my skin. I also used the skin oil combined with the moisture I use like dan uses his jojoba oil with his moisturizer. I did this regularly as apart of my routine like twice a day for about 1 1/2 weeks. The first couple of uses I thought that the aloe and the vitamin e might actually be helping with the redness. However, as of a few days ago I have realized a new problem that I have not had to this extent before. On my neck are little red bumps. It is not acne. It is like razor burn except for the fact that I am almost possible it is not razor burn. I have also noticed a slight increase in the formation of new pimples or pustules randomly on my face. I have not changed anything in my procedure except for the toner and the vitamin e skin oil. I did miss my routine after work 2 or 3 times over a month long span of time. I mean, I did it, but not immediately when I should have. I figured that I would attribute the new red bumps and acne to my two new products. Afterall, when you do something that works for a long while and then you add new variables into your regimen and you get new problems you would think that is the problem.

So, what do you guys know? Would safflower oil clog the pores? What kind of experience do you have with Aloe Vera? What kind of experience do you have with vitamin e?

I should also mention that apart of my routine is to use dan's AHA+. I use it quite frequently. Whenever I see something happening I kind of spot treat. I also use it all over my face once a day and a few time I have even done it two times a day. Now, I know that seems a little much, but for the longest while I have done it that way and I would swear nothing negative has come of it. I know there is 10% glycolic acid in it and that could be harsh especially as much as I use it. But it has always been the product I consider my miracle product. I wonder if over use of the glycolic in the AHA+ could cause my problem as well. I don't think so, but I also don't know.

Another problem I have noticed very recently is more flakiness. I know that this is due to the AHA+ and usually when I start flaking badly I know it is time to tone down my use of the AHA+. I still don't think the new redness and acne should be attributed to the AHA+ basically because I used this product for a long while without any signs of these problems.

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