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Seeing great results

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for their contributions to this site, I have learnt so much in the past 2 months that I have gone from feeling totally depressed about my face to really positive.

Just a brief overview of my story. No acne as a teenager, hit 18 and start getting massive cysts on my cheeks and jawline, struggle with this for about 2 year and then decide to go on the pill, I was on Diane for about 6 years and came off it to try have children - consequently as most pill user know, you come off it and all hell breaks loose! The pill is no cure for acne, just a time bomb. Anyway, it took me about a year to get pregnant and during this time i had some hormone test and discovered i was low in progesterone, so I started using progesterone cream which helped my skin and also helped me get pregnant. 2 pregnancies later my skin has gone through really good times and then bad ones as well. I am now 30 and my 2nd child is now 17months and the last 5 months my skin has got progressively worse. I toyed with the idea of the pill, as it is just such an easy fix, but knew if i really wanted to treat it i would have to work a bit harder. So after reading so many different topics on this site and researching many things i decided to go with the following regime. It may sound a bit full-on, and it did cost me some money, but when you don't want to look at yourself in the mirror each day, I would have tried anything.

1. I went back on natural progesterone cream, I have all the symptoms of estrogen dominance and truly believe my acne is hormonal.

2. I started drinking bragg's organic apple cider vinegar 2 times and day and also applying it as a toner 50/50 with water 2 times a day.

3. Cut out nearly all sugar and most dairy except organic yoghurt and eggs. Started drinking lots more water and green tea. This has been the hardest part as i am naturally very thin, so i have been having to increase my serve sizes otherwise i could easily get to the point of being anorexic. I already eat lots of fruit & veg and wholegrains.

4. I added a stack of supplements to my diet: vit A, D, B, C, E, niacin,fish oil and evening primrose oil.

5. I started taking a probiotic. Also vitex chaste berry & DIM (these are particularly helpful for

hormonal conditions)

6. My dr prescribed me with duac antibiotic gel, i didn't feel comfortable using this as i am not a great believer in antibiotics and the impact they have on your body. i did lots of research and found a gel made using nicotinamide 4%, studies had proven it to be as effective if not more than the topical antibotic i was prescribed.

7. My skin care regime is as follow:


Wash with water

tone with apple cider vinegar

spot treat with tea tree oil

apply nicotinamide gel and some SPF 30+ (I use Kosmea brand, it is a natural sunscreen for your face)

Make up etc


Wash with Medimix Ayurvedic Soap, this is especially for problem skin

tone with apple cider vinegar

spot treat with tea tree oil

apply nicotinamide gel

moisturise with a couple of drops of coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e oil and some aloe vera (i have a plant in my garden).

I also every few days will do a manuka honey or egg white face mask.

The change in my skin has been amazing. For the first week or two my skin purged, which was terrible, but i kept thinking it can't get any worse, i kept going and now it is looking so smooth and glowing. I still have the scars, which will take some time to fade and also i have had the occasional pimple, but no cysts - yay!, just small ones which don't upset me. I am only 2 months in so i am wondering what will be my results by 6 months. I have decided to go totally natural, as i didn't feel BP was a long term solution as my family has a cancer history so i try and avoid putting chemicals on my skin as much as possible.

The hardest part of my regime has been cutting out the sugar, but from some of the reading i did, sugar can really impact your hormones and put them out of balance. I still have honey & some 100% natural maple syrup. When i feel my skin has become clear I am going to try re-introducing cheese and the occasional sweet treat, but right now i would prefer to go without and feel happy about my skin.

I hope this helps someone, I know it might not work for everyone, but i hope each person on here finds their solution. Acne is a horrible disease to live with. Thanks again to everyone for contributions they really saved me!

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