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Help :( Allergic to BP

Hi guys,

I am 33 now, and 5-6 months ago I started getting acne breakouts on my back (middle to lower parts). Since it was the first time it got so bad (I used to get one or two spots every now and then), I thought it'd go away by itself. Unfortunately, it did not. My skin is milk white, so it looks really bad :(

So I went to a physician, who prescribed Minocycline. After taking it for more than a month, there was no change whatsoever, so I looked around and decided to try Dan's regimen. I ordered BP and AHA and started applying them twice daily.

After only 3-4 days, I felt significant improvement and thought I had found the cure. However, on days 4-5 I noticed weird reaction on the areas I was treating. It got really bad on day 6 - I've got a terrible rash all across the treated areas. I went to see a physician, and she concluded I was allergic to BP. I've tested both products (AHA and BP) on tiny areas as I was hoping I was allergic to AHA, but the spot where I tested BP did the same reaction, whereas the AHA-treated spot was fine.

I made an appointment with a dermatologist, but I will only see him in April (yup, I live in Canada :(( ). RIDICULOUS !!!

So, there I am, asking you for your help. What should I do to get rid of my bacne? I have the feeling BP would have done it, so what would be the logic think to replace it with?

I usually eat healthy - mostly meat proteins (chicken, fish) and veggies. The main rule I try to obey is not mixing carbs and proteins.

Thanks in advance.


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