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I had my acne beat to about 3-4 major cyst blemishes and inflammation all congregated in the nose area, but one night of complacent and unfaithful food partaking sparked a heart-wrenching, gut ripping breakout. I mean, this was the worst breakout I've had since being on doxycycline (3-5 months ago)and it's hitting me hard honestly. I'm trying to remain strong and push on through this, hoping it'll clear. It's so hard when you've been treating your acne for so long, experiencing so much success and just over one night, you have a breakout that pushes you back 3-4 weeks on your recovery schedule. mean, my face never looked this bad in a long time. Sure, I've had some ugly look cysts, pustules, zits etc.. but never where it's all over my face. I mean, it's almost like Hs all over again, when my face was incredibly inflamed and oily.

I just want it to be all over. I've learned and taken so much from this experience but it gets to a point when enough is enough!! My face is severely scarred now but I have come to grips with that cruel fact but I just want the "moodyness" of acne to end. i really hate typing a self-pity rant but this is a good and constructive place to do it in.

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Yea it sux huh. I was in the same boat as u. I thought I was pretty much cleared already for the past 2 years, only occasional whiteheads etc nothing serious. Then suddenly my face exploded with like 5 consecutive cysts which left me with 2 new scars...

Luckily now with antibiotics the acne is getting under control. U can see my PIH under the scar treatment board... Its not pretty....

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yeah, I bet you just want to scream eh vanzz? I've pretty much stopped topicals except for RA.. Everything else, I just use vitamin therapy and some natural topicals like: tree oil, tumeric&honey masks etc.. The thing about acne I hate the most is how self-conscious it seems influence you to be. I mean, I tend to be already very sensitive of my surroundings and actions already (personality trait) let alone to have acne on top of it. Yeah, scars are one thing but red marks are another and it's even worse when you have red marks on top of scarring. I guess you could call it "red scarring"..

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I totally know what you mean. It sucks being clear for a bit and then suddenly breaking out and looking like you were never clear in your life. You were so close to success... but all of a sudden the carpet was ripped from right under your feet.

The only time I usually get breakouts is when I eat the wrong foods. We must be strong. We must not give in to temptation. Afterall, "The pain of regret is worse than the pain of discipline."

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