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Suggestion on next acne treatment?

I started getting acne when i was 18 but managed to control it with retin a micro and my skin was actually clear and pretty flawless for years, that is until i took plan B and birth control (ortho tricyclen). I used to get acne only from stress, etc. once in a while but since the birth control i would get acne almost daily despite how stressed or stress free i was. Also, they would be under the skin type acne that would never go away and i started getting jawline acne that i never ever got before. I've since stopped birth control for almost a year now and the constant acne is still persisting. Since then, i've tried switching from retin a to tazarac and using benzaclin (which doesn't help at all) and i've also been using oral antibiotics (almost 2 weeks now) and it seems like my acne is just getting worst. It's really affecting my self confidence and my daily mood and life. I just don't know how to treat it!

I feel like topicals are not giogn to do anything and so far oral antibiotics doesn't seem to work either. What's my next step exactly?? I feel like i've exhausted all options but accutane, which i'm scared to death to try.

I was debating trying out yaz or yasmin, i figured since my acne began when i started orthotricyclen, maybe i can fix it with a different type of birth control. lol, it doesn't make sense at all but i'm pretty desperate. Also, i would really like to try spironolactone but i feel like it's out of the question since i have pretty low blood pressure already.

So, what should i do? Give the topicals and antibiotics more time (it's been getting worse and has not been helping at all) or ask for accutane or try yasmin or yaz? I just hope getting on birth control again doesnt make it worse.

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