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How I got rid of my adult acne

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Just to let anyone reading this know about my story which is hopefully complete.

I never had acne as a teen bar the occasional zit or two. Then, all of a sudden as I hit my early twenties I started to develop big nodule and cystic acne.

I cannot tell you how this has affected my life. I would not go to parties because I was so ashamed. I love swimming and going to the beach but would never put my head underwater cause I was afraid my makeup would run off and people would see my skin. I would be afraid to step out or been seen by my boyfriend in direct sunlight cause all my lumps and bumps would show.

I would spend days crying because I wanted to see my boyfriend but I was too scared to let him see me so I would just stay at home.

Another problem is that I am a lawyer, and in meetings with clients and colleagues I would be so embarrassed about my skin and I would always feel so self conscious which affected my ability to appear confident with clients or in court.

All this was happening yet I am 25. I couldn't believe it!

So I was so fed up. I visited a dermatologist who prescribed Roacctune but I heard so many bad stories, including a friend who went into deep depression whilst on it, that I was too scared to try it. :naughty: After searching through the internet and looking at independent acne review sites to see what others say about the different products I found out about Acnezine Acne Medication through this random review site that I stumbled on, which I think was http://treatments-for-acne.info/but it might have been one of the other of hundreds of review sites out there.

Anyway since using this my skin has cleared!!! Big sore red lumps gone! . I can't believe it. Its still in the early stages so I don't want to get my hopes up too high but on the weekend I went swimming with my boyfriend in the day time and I put my head underwater. I know that sounds like such a silly thing to get excited about but it made me so so so happy!!!!

For now, I feel confident at work, I don't need to hide my face with my hair down. I can wear it up with confidence. :surprised:

With Acnezine, which is a medication but not prescription, I just wash my face with a general cleanser, and that is all i have to do..its amazing :dance:

I hope that it continues to work but I just wanted to let other people know what worked for me cause I know how tough and depressing it can be, to have acne when you are an adult

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