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thomasfrank09's diet treatment log

Alright, I believe it'll be good if I keep a log of the progress I see with my current treatment plan. Starting off, my acne isn't too terrible right now. I have mild acne that is most prevalent on my forehead, but I've also got some on my cheeks, upper lip, and jawline.

So, my plan is to change my diet radically and to follow a daily regimen as well.

My diet changes are as follows: I'm cutting out milk altogether and drinking water and green tea. With water I'm going to try to drink over a gallon a day. I'm also going to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, and try to cut out all sugars if I can. For carbs I'll eat wheat bread and rice, and for protein I eat eggs and lean meat. I'm also supplementing with vanilla whey protein and creatine, along with a multivitamin and a fish oil pill daily.

My regimen: I'm using AcneFree, so in the morning the routine will be:

-Rinse with hot water


-Rinse again with hot water

-2.5% BP wash

-Rinse again with hot water

-Dry with the air dryer instead of a towel to prevent irritating the skin

-Wipe my face with Witch Hazel

-Let Dry for 5 minutes

-Apply 10% BP cream

At night, the routine is the same except the last step is replaced with AcneFree's night renewal cream. Midday I also use a Stridex astringent pad.

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Yeah, I actually shave twice a day. I have an electric razor, so it's really not that bad. If I do it twice a day the razor passes over and clears all the stubble very easily; if I do it once a day or worse every other day it takes forever.

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This is actually the third day I've been on this plan. My sweet tooth got the better of me yesterday and today; yesterday I had 4 chocolate chip granola bars, and today I ate 4 cookies and 4 granola bars as well. Other than those I ate really well though. No dairy whatsoever! I think my face is starting to clear up now; I'm noticing the redness of the pimples on my forehead is going down, and the rest of my face is almost clear, just have some redness to get rid of. I'm also going to try changing my pillowcase every two days, flipping the pillow each day. We'll see how that works.

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