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Brewer's Yeast

It's kind of odd to ask about the "daily dose" for brewer's yeast, because it's just a food. True, it can be a very nutritious food, but nevertheless it's just a food. It's kind of like asking for the "daily dose" of carrots! :)

Making such a recommendation still more difficult is the fact that brewer's yeast can vary widely from one brand to another, with some brands being loaded with extra ingredients, and some not. The taste of the stuff can vary enormously from one brand to another, too.

I would suggest that you NOT buy tablets or capsules of the stuff, unless you simply can't stand the taste. Buy it in the form of bulk powder, and follow the "dosing" suggestions on the label for that particular brand.

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Lewis Labs' Brewers' Yeast powder is actually kind of tasty, and is high-quality.

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Thanks a lot! Do you take Brewer Yeast?

Oh, I've been eating brewer's yeast for only about the last 35 years or so! ;)

If yes can you tell me the brand you buy? Thanks again!

Well, I've used lots of different brands over the years. At the moment, I have a bottle of one of the TwinLab versions of yeast that I'm working on. But as other posters have mentioned, the one made by Lewis Laboratories is probably the most palatable one available, so that's the one I'd probably recommend to you, assuming that you're a brewer's yeast virgin. It tastes the best of all the ones I've tried, and trust me on this: some brands of brewer's yeast taste absolutely GOD AWFUL. I mean "gag-a-maggot" awful! :)

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I am kind of mixed on brewer's yeast... I just recently got a tub of the lewis labs brand and was eating it for about a week. I was noticing some perceived benefits, probably due to the increased B vits I was getting. It was weird though, because I began craving it like in the way one might crave bread and/or sugar. This kind of scared me off of it, so I haven't had it in a week or so.

Some of the brands grow their yeast on sugar beets, and some of them from malted grains (i.e. beermaking). I am not sure which is supposedly better or if there are upsides/downsides to either. I also wonder if brewer's yeast encourages a sort of bacterial disbiosis (i.e. feeds the bad bacteria/fungus etc).

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