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A Swede's fight against acne, misery and self-confidence!

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07:30: The clock beeps. It is time for another day at work. I sit up on the bed brink and take my both hands and stroke them over my eyes and face to wake up. I feel some pimples, especially a couple of big ones aching...

I run to the bathroom and find a couple of big pimples and a lot of small ones distributed all over my face. Once again I need to go to work with pimples in my face, attend meetings with customers as a professional but not having any self-confident and hiding my face. I feel like 14 again.

This is not an unusual day. The pimples make me feel that I am really young, immature, ugly, and unfit for my work etc. I KNOW that if I have a nice and clean skin my self-confidence will increase so much.

The few days my skin looks good I often get’s compliments saying “Wow, you have a good day today†and I do my presentations and meetings with the customers better. The pimples ARE affecting my life in such a negative way that something’s needs to be done and boy I have tried!

I have used Clearasil, benzoyl peroxide (of different brands), scrubbing of all sorts etc. etc. Today I received a method I haven’t tried yet: Beauty Skin

If it works it will be worth every pound it cost without any questions asked. I will try to put up some photos on my current skin soon as well so you can follow the result on this log.

Day 1, week 1 – 2009-11-17:

Today was the first time I used my Beauty Skin. I have such high hopes on it. I am afraid that the acne will get worse the first couple of days but I just need to get through it. It is a long-term solution and if it can sort it on a long-term solution I just need to get through those couple of days.

I started with washing my face with a Dove soup and wet my face and used the Beauty Skin for 15 minutes with a disctance of approximately 20-25 centimeters. I only used it directly in front of my face and not on the side.

I will most likely use Clearasil Scrub and Clearasil Deep Pour Wash tonight together with a oil-free lotion.


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I just used my Beauty Skin for the 3dr day in a row. I haven't noticed any changes, either positive or negative. I read that the acne can get worse when you start using BS but that is not the case for me so far.

Tomorrow I will go from directly to another city so I will use the BS tomorrow morning and the following session will be on saturday.


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