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I don't want people to feel sorry about having acne, I am just having A bad periode again.

I have been having acne since six years now, I alway thought it would just go over one day and then my selfesteem would be fine again. I would feel like me again. Now I am 22 and the acne has cleared up a lot, but it has been replaced with scares overwhole my body and my face. It killes my self esteem en it feels almost as if my life and my plannes of who I want to be have all gone down the drain. When I get a new scar now I go mentally crazy and have to take something to calm me down. My main and only plan is to get rid of the scars as much as possible.

I alway was A happy person, content with my body and face, then when I hit sixteen my brother became mentaly sick and my mother got mutiple scerliose. This drived my family apart and I had to live with frends. My father left the scene for a while. On top of that I had back pain problems, and skin issues. I got insecure and unhappy when I was seventien, but I consedired acne the worst thing, because I was feeling unsafe even with freinds around me. I started hiding away.

Now I got my own house, I am doing a social study which I m very happy with this.

I got A lot of things done nd I dont feel A victem ofproblems in my family.

But I stil have social anxiety, panic attacks when I go to public places, anger and anxiety when looking in the mirror. On top of that I am to self aware to go sporting, manly swimming which is my favourite sport. It also stoppes my going to the gym because this causes new outbreaks.

People around me don't understand and never have understood, this causes a new devlopment in my,since four months, in which I get really angry at people who dont show any understanding. The combination of social study, work, social anxiety, acne, acne scars and backproblems are driving my crazy and I have to fix it all myself. I believe this counts for al lot of people here, that you dont feel understood and things just linger on.

Now I am going to lend some money, I am getting TCA and fruit acid peels, which the insurence pays, and A dermaroller and red light. The money I am lending for my back acne and the scarring there which are going to be treated with dermabrassion and TCA. The rest of the money I am going to use to get nice clothing, to take care of myself and the way I look to compensate for the scarring. My last objective is to go sportng again and get rid of my back pain. I whill continu my studie although it is somethimes hell tot go to school and follow A session on social anxiety.

I dont espect all of the scarres to go away, and I dont need them all to go away, I think a baby face isn't nessecary a nice face, I like it being a little rough.

I am not the best example of how to deal with the situation, but I think acne is a skin condition that can get really hard on a person, expecially in combination ofother problems. People who never had bad acne, or who don't really care about having acne wouldn't understand this. I have tried to live with it but it isn't working. My advice to you is to try and cope with it, ánd in the mean while get it treated as soon as posible, and stand up for yourself. Dont start A war with loved ones around you but make sure they understand that this is a big isseu for you and try to explain why. A skin condition that causes scarring on you,isn't just some period an adolencence has to go true. It can creat a great social problem later in live. Make sure people around you understand this, the best of luck with wathever plan you have. Feeling sorry for yourself isn't my goal, once again I a not the best example, but I think it is importent not to blame yourself for having psychological problems because of having acne, dealing with it and not giving up is importent though.

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I understand how you feel...I also got tons of scars on my face...luckily my acne problem is only on my face...but the scarring is pretty bad...if it were just red marks...I would have been more than happy

but my scars are from mostly PIH & most of them are black...the use of excessive amount os topicals has made my face very photo-sensitve & I am now taaned like HELL...which is another problem

On top of everything, my acne wont quite either & neither do the scars...& everytime a new acne comes up, it is a sign of the arrival of a new scar:(

those of who are fair-toned are so lucky:( I wish I was like you guys

My tan has completely destroyed my facial skin tone...I am an Asian,by body is very fair...but when it comes to the face...it is as BLACK as hell

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