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Differin + Duac cycle that works for me

Hi everyone,

I will firstly give everyone a brief description of my acne history. I just turned 20 and i started getting acne on the rosy part of my cheeks around about 16-17. Its never been horrible but i would classify it as mild to moderate. It has basically stayed the same for the last 3 years with it occasionally clearing a little and then flaring up. Ive got fairly dry skin normally, little family history of acne (brother had it but it was milder then mine) and generally my skins pretty decent.

Now for my story.

At 17 GP who was family friend said he could prescribe something for my acne (at the time i didnt even care or know i had it), so i took him up and got differin gel .1%. I used it for about 3 months and i dont think there was any noticeable results, at least it didnt get worse. The problem was that my skin got stupidly dry, flaky etc etc, so i would literally bring moisturizer to class and lather myself up.

Age 18 i went overseas for a year and thats when i stopped using differin gel. Went at the end of aussie summer so i got the europe summer and then i came back for the next aussie summer. In this time my skin improved dramatically, never dry and the acne was just a few small red blemishes on my otherwise pristine skin. My theory behind this is that in summer the air isnt as dry, when i get a tan it hides the acne a little and swimming in the sea does huge wonders for my skin.

Anyways since ive gotten back my skin has returned to the school era of cheek acne and now a terrible red nose that bumpy and sore.

I decided to go back on the differin gel .1% (this story's not going to continue going around and around i promise haha). A few weeks later, dry flaky skin. More moisturizer. Skin gets irritated from all the flakyness that i like to try and scratch off and the moisturizer ive got to use (tried no moisturizer for 2 weeks and i couldnt resist the urge to put it on cos i looked pretty dirt). Stopped differin.

I started reading some of the forums and saw differin cream .1% and that its for sensitive, dry skin. Got a tube of that and duac (friend recommended it) and started applying.

That was 2 weeks ago, every day my skin has improved and im just hoping every morning that i wake up and check in the mirror that things havent gone down the crapper.

My skin can be a touch dry on the lower cheeks in the morning but i dont moisturize them unless ive got something v. important and need perfect skin straight away because by the end of the day they're nice and normal. Apart from that and a little dryness on the forehead (im stumped by this one) everything is awesome.

What i do:

Shower at night (if i cant then i cleanse face), wait till its dry and apply a really thin layer (i got tempted to put a thicker layer on and the next day it was kinda dry) of differin on the affected area of the cheek, then duac on the affected parts of the nose.

I have no reason why i put the duac on the nose just thought it could be fun and its ridiculous my nose is soft and pimple free. Got lucky on that one.


Real thin layer just to cover area in moist layer.

Hit the beach as much as possible - no kidding its crazy how great my skin is after.

Shower or cleanse face at least once a day.

Try to refrain on the moisturizer, if skin is heaps dry and you HAVE to then dont and just use less differin cream or stop for a day.

Why i believe its worked for me:

The main reason would definitely be changing from the differin gel to the cream. The gel was waayy too harsh and made things worse from the irritation. The duac just seems to work but i really have no idea about this product as i only just started with it.

No kidding people, the beach is the cure to acne. If you go to the beach every day over summer i would guarantee your acne would improve a huge amount and if it doesnt i give you permission to bash me.

Get a consistent routine.

If anyone can help with the dry forehead give me a shout

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