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Waking up at a friends house?

I'll be honest in saying that my acne is not as bad as some of the people on this forum, my heart goes out to them. It all started when I was 15 and now I'm almost 21. All my brothers and sisters grew out of it in their 20's. So I guess the worst is over, unfortunately whatever acne I wake up with is exclusively around my mouth. I would do anything if it moved to my cheeks or jaw or somewhere besides the place that is for kissing. Anyway...

My question is how do people deal with waking up somewhere besides your own house? When I'm at home, I feel fine as I know I can nip into the bathroom and spend as much time as I like cleaning my face up for the day. And that will actually last all day.

BUT, one of the reasons I've been ignoring invites to go out drinking or staying at friends place ever since this started is because how shit I feel in the morning.

I don't like going into someone else’s bathroom - none of my products are there.

People will be wondering why I am taking so long...

If anyone has seen me before I go in then they will notice a big fucking difference to when I come out...therefore they will really know what I was doing (social awkwardness)

The main thing is no matter how long I spend in someone’s bathroom, I need to go back several times to actually make my face look good. The 2nd time I'm in there, I'll be wiping up all the puss from the pimples I popped the first time...the 3rd time I'm in there I'm picking off flakes I never saw the 1st time...and so on and so on.

By this time, everyone will be wanting to go into town (not something I ever want to do) to get some breakfast and meet up with other people..all this time I know I look like shit and make an excuses to bail home and really treat myself.

I think this goes a little bit deeper though...perhaps I spend too much time in the mirror as it is? I'm not satisfied until it looks as good as it can. But this can take up to an hour of going back and forth. Hell my acne isn't even that bad, but any flakes and dryness and dead skin must be removed before I feel good.

Now that I think back to when I was younger, I have no idea how I survived staying the night at a friends place and everyone waking up in the morning. Everyone looked fine except me, but then I didn't care because I was young. And in fact, I believe all my self conscious issues around acne are all to do with waking up in the morning.

I find when away from home, sleeping on my back all night helps, as my face doesn’t dry up from rubbing again the blankets and pillows. This is easy when you're drunk enough not to move. But when I sleep at home, I roll over and change positions like every hour...wake up and my face is a dry mess. The only other thing I can think of is waking up really early while everyone is still asleep and fixing it up.

How do you deal with waking up at the morning out of your comfort zone? Can it be done? Any tips on how to make the aftermath of a good night out not an apocalypse?

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Grrr. I hate how my friends just plop down to sleep and wake up looking great and acne free. I usually just excuse myself before bed, wash my face, sleep, wake up a little early to get ready before they are all up and moving. Yeah, I am constantly worried about how my skin looks, the rushed makeup job and the too telling morning light but you just have to forget about it, have fun. You don't want to hole yourself up just because of your acne-prone face, lots of perfect skinned ugly people have fun, what's a little acne? It seems you don't have too much, just don't be so paranoid. I have the impulse to skip out on nights out and sleepovers too because of the skin problem but I just have to remember that nobody cares that much about my skin, they are too busy having fun and I should be too.

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ugh yeah, something like this happened to me a year or 2 ago, when I was going through a terrible, severe stage of acne. I didn't let it affect my social life, and I still loved going out and seeing friends, I'd just cover my face with a load of foundation and enjoy myself, however one day I went to see a friend in another city, and ended up staying the night without planning it. So I was there looking ok with my foundation on and stuff, but then what could I do about the night time?? well, this friend does look after her skin well, so I waited til she was in bed and the lights were out before I went to her bathroom and used her cleanser etc to remove my makeup. I waited til the lights were out so she wouldnt have to see me without makeup. So, in the morning she left early for a class, and I was alone in her room, so I went and washed my face again with her products (thankfully she had good skincare products), but then i had the HUGE problem of makeup. No WAY could I let anyone see my skin in its natural state, and unfortunately this friend has perfect skin, so didnt own the kind of makeup I needed (loads of concealer, foundation etc...). She is a massive makeup junkie though, and I eventually found some concealer and powder and just had to make the best I could of covering my face up with that til i got home and could sort it out properly.

Anyway, sorry for the long story. Basically, so long as u know in advance, you can bring all ur products with you and just do your regime as usual. No one really cares, and I'm sure ur friends know u have some skin problems and won't be bothered by u spending a bit of time washing etc. If you are embarassed, just wake up a bit earlier and go through your regime before they wake up. either way, dont let it get in the way of u having fun!

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This hasn't really happened to me before but I get where you're coming from. What might help is taking a hot shower and then cooling off by making it cold. This will make it less red and the pores will be closed more (and your skin will be more supple and not dry). Also make sure it's not a long one. ;)

Other tips is to wear certain clothing accessories like a beanie or something.

Also, if you feel really self-conscious, call in sick and for those few days try and fix up any stuff on your face that is really bugging you.

From what I hear, your acne doesn't seem to be too bad. Because of the dryness and flaky skin, I would recommend a moisturizer.

That's about it. :)

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