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make up primer?

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I was wandering what is a good make up primer to use. I have some scars and a lot of redmarks on my face. I heard primer can be good at covering up that stuff but I am not sure which one. Suggestions?

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The only primer I've tried is MAC's Prep & Prime SPF 50. It wasn't great at controlling oil, but it didn't irritate my sensitive skin, even with the SPF 50 in it. I don't have indented scarring so I'm not quite sure how much it evens out the surface of the skin. It's clear, so it won't cover red marks, but it makes a smoother surface for foundation/concealer. It's pretty pricey, so I wouldn't suggest it unless SPF protection is important to you.

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I use Face of Australia Primer. I'm not sure if it's available outside of Australia [if you don't live here] but it dries quickly, absorbs oil and I've found that I don't have to use as much makeup when i use a primer.

I have incredibly oily skin, so this is brilliant, although I will admit I do have to blot in summer, although thats usually due to the humidity. My acne isn't as bad after I use a primer either, probably because it does absorb the oil from my face.

If you can't get this, definitely try out a few primers and see what works best for you.

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I use mineral makeup, but I really really need a primer underneath it to hide my (very) large pores.

After accutane, my skin is pretty dehydrated, and dry in the mornings and very oily by the evening. I want to use as natural a product as possible and avoid silicones, parfume etc. My skin is extremely reactive and prone to breakouts.

based on information from MMU boards, I've considered some stuff, but I really would like to know how some things have affected acne-sufferers like me.

So basically - pure silk powder? Does it clog pores, make you break out?

Silica? From Coastal Scents or anywhere really...

(Or anything else you could rec? I don't mind - liquid or powder as long as it does not contain any kind of oils, which all break me out. Corn starch, rice powder, boron nitride and large concentrations of mica also don't suit my skin.)

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I used the Mac primer, iam not sure what it was called but it costed around 13 bucks. And i actually loved it and i don't like anything from MAC. But i thought it did a nice job as far as what a primer should do. I would definately recommend it.

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I use Merle Norman Luxiva Foundation Primer, I wear it under my mineral makeup and I seriously love this stuff!

My skins really oily,and my makeup would slide off in two hours, but now it stays on all day.

The trick I learned from a makeup artist is to apply primer to the face once, let it dry, and then apply another layer of primer.

It has worked great for me.

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I use just the regular brand primer by Sephora, but I find it gets pretty greasy on my face and I'm always nervous that it's going to break me out. I've heard one called "That Girl" or something similar by Benefit is good--but I haven't used it myself.

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Smashbox photofinish light..its really good, and made for acne prone skin so its water based and oil free and what not. it does have silicone in it which some say is bad but honestly ive been using it for the longest time and it has never caused any problems for me.. theres also lots of color correcting primers out there..smashbox makes lots of tinted primers in the photofinish line, but they are not the "light" kind so they arent as easy on your skin. make up for ever also makes color correcting primers, the green one will counteract redness so you could give that a shot! good luck!

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Wow u sound just like me. I finished accutane a month and a half ago

So during accutane my skin was REALLLYYYY DRYYYY. but i used Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel and it worked great. i did mix it with my moisturizer to help it smooth better. Its non-comedogenic, oil free, all that. It mattifies ur skin too

It comes in 4 shades- clear, luminous (the lightest, i use this), radient, and dark i think.

I suggest a shade. Yeah there are only three but it blends right it, its light, it evens out redness and red marks

I then apply Make Up For Ever Duo Mat powder cuz for me, the primer doesn't have enough coverage to be worn alone, but it can be wore alone. Its very natural.

Doesn't break u out, its not thick, makes skin soft

If u apply something over it (powder, not sure about a liquid, i use powder) it does flake off a bit if u don't let it dry but u can just brush off the flakes. It freaked me out at first, but its not a big deal. It usually does that if u use too much of the primer.

Give it a shot

Sold a sephora. It took me a really long time to find a good primer. This is the best ive found

It is expensive though.

And now that im off accutane, its smooths skin thats dry and keeps my oily skin some what at bay. (its not a cure haha)

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