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can anyone recommend a cleanser?


lately i have been using the clinique liquid facial soap, but for the price (£13), i dont feel its worth it.

can anyone recommend a cleanser (the one you use with water, not lotion).

i have sensitive, but acne prone skin.

i do like labels, but if it works i'll give anything a go.

p.s. i have tried clearasil, etc ones. im not looking for a specific acne clearing one. just one with the fact i am acne prone skin kept in mind,


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i used a tonne of different cleansers in my time, and it's more or less down to preference :D although money does obviously come in to it and some are better than others... so it's not really down to preference at all...

i've been using the acne.org cleanser for 3 months odd now and it's great :) problem is as it's being ordered from america you have to pay a big customs charge, which means to get a decent deal you need to order in bulk, which you don't want to do if you're trying a new product out :D

i did use this: http://www.google.co.uk/products?hl=en&amp...ved=0CBsQrQQwAA as i loved the packaging (i'm a designer :D) and it had a great smell, but it was too expensive

so in short:

go for the acne.org one if you can afford the customs charges and/or to buy in bulk. if not, try the cetaphil cleanser- you'll have to order it online but it's only £4 odd and it's hypoallergic and formulated for acne prone skin

hope that helps!

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