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I've been meaning to ask a bunch of questions on here but I don't want to start/search a billion different topics to find the answers.

Okay so.

I've stopped using anything with BP or salicylic acid on my face because i'm preeetty positive it only makes my acne worse. A lot worse. I get cysts and all the fun stuff. So for the past almost 4 months I've been using only natural things, and lemon has been working best for me.

Question one - is there anything I could add to the lemon to make it more of a like, paste? It freaks me out that when I rub the lemon juice on my face, I like, can't see it. It makes me feel like it's not there, or rubs off. All the other creams and stuff that I used to put on, were visibly there. I don't want to add honey because sleeping with that is a bitch. D:

Second questionn.

My face is clearing up a bit, I'm getting less whiteheads, but when I'm finally happy with the appearance of it, when I wash my face or shower, I can feel all these hard tiny bumps all over my skin. It's VERY irritating and when I can't resist the urge to scratch them, it's just like.. tiny hard skincolored... yuckiness? It's like there's pebbles in my skinnnn and it's awkward. What are they and how do I get rid of them? o-o

Third, I've been using Neutrogena moisturizer for combination skin every morning, because after I wash my face in the morning, it's tight and dry. If I don't moisturize, it stays dry for a bit and then gets eeeextremely oily by the end of the school day. If I DO moisturize, it feels nice for a couple periods, and then I feel so nasty gross oily ewwish by the end of the day. I don't know if I should start buying moisturizer for oily skin, because I have sensitive skin and I CAN get extremely dry sometimes. ASDFAJSDFG. Advice please.

And and lastly any relation of getting eyebrows / upper lip waxed and acne?

If anybody actually answers any of these or even reads it, thank you soo much.

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Firstly you are young & this is normal, so don't freak out! I know, sooo much easier said than done =(

BUT..the lower your stress the better; I'm a thousand perfect positive on this one. The more you can do to relax the better your skin will be.

Next, I commend you for trying the (almost..) natural approach. I've decided to switch over to that too.

Next, are you taking any vitamins? sounds like your acne IS hormone related, at least partially.

I am currently trying an herbal remedy for that. It's called Chaste Berry & it comes in liquid form. It's all natural, 40 drops a day in a glass of water. It takes 3 cycles to kick in though, thats the catch. But if you research it you'll see it definitely is proven beneficial to work at regulating PMS symptoms (my pms symptoms definitely include breakouts.) Also I've heard zinc (around 50mg/day) is great for hormonal acne.

The next thing I should say is DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT scratch/pick/squeeze/pinch/etc your skin. I completely utterly totally know how hard this is, but the sooner you quit the better for you. OHHH how i wish i'd listened to this advice sooner..

I've also only recently learned that diet and acne are linked in more ways than we realize so eating healthy makes a huge difference. ie: cut back on sugar & hot oils (like fried stuff). Our skin is like a map of our insides; it shows what you consume. Drink TONS of water (my medspa asthetician advised me that this is a major key to well functioning skin) pref. w/ lemon. And get at least 20 mins of exercise a day. It's good for your body, your skin, your brain, your stress... I mean exercise is just awesome allaround. Do something you like. I love running with music playing, my friends like kick-boxing..depends on you.

Have you read the "ALL NATURAL METHOD" ???? LINK: acne.org/messageboard/Natural-Regimen-t222372.html

When I first read it I nearly fell backwards, it's crazyyyyyyy. Basically you leave your skin alone completely for about 2-3months without ANY treatment and only rinsing w/ water every like 28 days or something. YES it sounds psycho but apparently what causes acne is all the irritating products & cleaners we use once we get a small outbreak. The motto is leave that shit alonnneeeeee! Your skin naturally repairs itself if you let it do its thing. It would be easier for you to start since youre already off BP.. but not sure if it is good for teen acne. I have not tried it but ultimately I'd like to. Wouldnt it be amazing to not have to worry about yr skin AT ALL??!

Bottom line, don't overdo it w/ the cleaning and product consumption & crap.

If you want to continue washing, cetaphil is a really really gentle cleanser, maybe you should switch. I think the gentler for you the better. Those tiny bumps on your face sounds like they are irritated skin. Seriously, the more you leave them alone the better and faster they can heal. As for the lemon, yikes! That is definitely an irritating acid.. might be the ultimate cause of those tiny skin colored bumps, even if it seems to help your skin somewhat it does more harm than good..

I can go on but not sure if you're still reading haha.. so mssg back w. any comments/questions. I SO know how u feel, I'm 24 so I've had 10 more yrs of it! Wish i never started w. stupid products now it'll take forever to get off of them! But, I'm trying. Anyway really hope this helps.

lots of luck,


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