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Chelle Kehne

Olay Complete Sens. Skin Moisturizer

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Hey Guys,

So, as many loyal Olay consumers might know, the company discontinued their original formula for their Olay Complete SPF 15 Sensitive Skin Moisturizer this summer. The active ingredients changed to provide "better" sun protection, and use avobenzone instead of the zinc oxide. So, I went on a hunt to find a similar product. I scoured the internet to find the old formula, and had 2 websites ship me what they claimed to be the old product that they had leftover... to no avail. It was the new product.

I thought I'd have to give up and just completely take a chance on a new moisturizer. However, by a freak chance of luck, I was in Trader Joe's one day, and looked through the hygiene and facial products. A bottle, which looked like the old Olay Complete bottle, caught my eye. I turned it over to check out the ingredients, as usual, and found that the active ingredients were the EXACT SAME as the ones in the old Olay Complete moisturizer's formula. I was ecstatic. Not only were the active ingredients the same, but the other ingredients were practically identical as well and the SPF was 15. Amazing.

If there was anyone who lovingly cherished the old formula, you should really go to Trader Joe's and pick up the Enrich Moisturizer. It won't disappoint.


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I'm bringing this thread back from the dead/signed up to say that yes, this stuff is awesome! Also as an employee at Trader Joe's I will say that it's very possible that it's made by Olay or a similar supplier and relabeled as TJ's "enrich". If this isn't the case it's probably modeled directly after the old Olay formula and produced by an independent company just for us, thus it is very unlikely that it will stop being made or undergo massive formula changes anytime soon.

That being said, this is the only thing with SPF I've tried that hasn't stung like crazy on my poor, not-yet-totally-acclimated-to-BP skin so far. It's not the most moisturizing thing in the world, but when layered on top of regular moisturizer with a drop or two of jojoba it goes on light and doesn't make my skin so shiny that it's visible from space. :)

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Guest Timehealsall

hey akzidenz, i have been using the olay moisturizer (classic gentle formula) and i noticed that whenever i wash my face, it leaves white residue behind. Does the trader joes moistruzier leave white residue behind after washing your face?

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