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Accutane is the only permament cure

From a 50 yo female:

I have suffered with acne since I was 15 years old. I went to countless doctors to try and get help. When Accutane was released I tried to get a prescription from a doctor. He told me my acne was not "bad enough" for a prescription. Though my face was not full of cystic acne, I did get some cysts from time to time. So time progresses and scars and large pores began to form on my face and back from the acne.

I few years later I was able to get an Accutane prescription from another (progressive) doctor. The results were a miracle. The Accutane stops the oil (sebum) production in your body. I did not have any mental side-effects, and felt great during the 5 month treatment. My lips peeled and bled (at the corners of my mouth) non-stop and the palms of my hands peeled. This excessive dryness lasted about the whole 5 months. My pores got smaller because they were not filling up with sebum and my skin was smooth and thinned a bit because it was not constantly inflamed. (People used to ask me if I was sunburned because my face was always red. I was not sunburned, my face was red, inflamed and irritated (and sometimes infected) from the acne.

I would urge anyone to start Accutane BEFORE you have a face full of scars and large pores. Topical creams and cleansers do not work and will not stop or reduce the oil production, which that is what you need to stop acne.

Since my first course of treatment, I have had 3 subsequent treatments. (4-5 month, one 20 mg capsule once per day. The side-effects during these subsequent treatments were not as severe. (no peeling palms,,but still peeling lips. I found that Auqaphor by Eucerin works well to moisturize the very dry areas and prevent cracking and bleeding (at the corners of the mouth).

Accutane stops oil production during treatment, but the oil production will return when you are done with treatment. But the oil production will be less, and hopefully, not result in pimples.

Of course now, doctors are very scared to prescribe Accutane to females because a few stupid women got pregnant while taking Accutane. Accutane causes SEVERE BIRTH DEFECTS. Some doctors have stopped prescribing Accutane because they don't want to be sued.

You can find good Accutane online from reputable pharmacies without a prescription.

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