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How do I quit using Proactiv?

I've been using Proactiv for 11 years now (started at age 25). It worked OK for the first 4 years, never perfect, but it has gradually stopped working completely. Last week I decided to quit cold turkey. Within days I had about 30 new whiteheads and 4 cysts. I started getting acne at age 13 and the acne I have now after quitting Proactiv is worse than anything I have ever experienced. It's actually really shocking how bad it is. I've read similar stories from hundreds of other former Proactiv users. My question is, has anyone figured out a way to successfully quit using Proactiv without having such horrible effects? Here's what I've found so far. Any other advice would be very appreciated. I have searched the internet for hours and hours, and this is all I could find.

Thanks for your help.


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I don't think proactiv actually does anything. Nothing can be really achieved with 'a pea sized amount' of BP. What a f*cking joke. I laugh at Proactiv every morning and night while I slather 3 full pumps of BP on my face.

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it's been 3 weeks since i saw my dermatologist. she suggested that i stop using proactive and prescribed doryx 150 mg which i take once a day, benzaclin gel during the day, and retin-a-micro 0.04% at night. this has done wonders for my skin. i've noticed in the past couple of days how soft it is and the pimples have significantly been reduced. i have to admit the first two weeks were pretty rough. i had been using proactive for almost two years and it wasn't that effective for me so i finally went to see a dermatologist.

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Well, I quit Proactiv about 2 years ago, since it worked after I had used it for about 2-4 months. I had only 1 MONTH of clear skin (luckily it was prom...). But after that month, I began to break out again, so I quit (plus how can you go from paying $20 for an intro kit and then to $40 for the same-sized kit? That's a load of shit...).

Anywho, if you compare Dan's regimen to the Proactiv regimen, the only thing the same is the BP (benzoyl peroxide) lotions. Dan's BP is mainly regular BP, while Proactiv's BP has Bp AND botanicals, as well as some extra stuff. The things that differ are that Proactiv uses a daily-exfoliating cleanser (which is WAY to irritating to use daily...) and a toner (it has witch hazel, but some people say it has salicylic/glycolic acid in it. I don't remember...). So the first thing I would (well, should of done) is to stop using the cleanser, period. Switch to a gentle cleanser, like Dan's regimen. Since I have done this, my skin has become waaaaaaaaaaaay better. I never used a gentle cleanser, but now I can't live without. You could also keep using the toner, since it does have glycolic acid (looked up what's inside), which helps w/ exfoliation. Now for the Proactiv BP lotion...switch to a regular BP cream (rather it be Dan's, Neutrogena, or even a presciption BP. Stay around 2.5% though, since it would be less irritating). I think that if you follow this way, you won't experience a nasty breakout (I know your pain. I quit Proactiv cold turkey as well, and by the beginning of my junior year, guess who had a pretty face? Not me... :confused: )

Hopefully my opinion helps you out a little. But feel free to ask me any other questions :)

Since I wrote a long description, here is a summed up version:

1. Stop using the Proactiv cleanser, and switch to a gentle cleanser (like Purpose Face Wash)

2. Stop/continue to use the toner (optional)

3. Stop/continue the Proactiv BP lotion. Switch to a different BP cream/gel (like the ones mentioned above). This too is also optional.

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