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The reverse, psycological effects on acne

So I've been thinking about this topic for a while. What if we psychologically create acne? If you look through acne.org's product reviews virtually all of them are rated 4 stars or plus, but everyone still seems to have acne. I know for me, speaking out of experience, Whenever i use a new product i get better for a while while my hopes are up and then as i see a new break out or i don't see a clear face (anxiety) i lose hope and the product seems to go downhill from there. I've tried BP, Proactive and tons of other things. The big thing for me was smoking weed, when i stoppedmy face got a lot better, but it soon ot almost back to normal, and now on the odd times i do smoke i break out far worse than efore when i used to smoke. It seems I only really breakout over something when i think that it is effecting me. I'm just curious to other people's thoughts or and way's of fixing this mind game.


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It's easily possible that the mind has some role in acne development and healing.

If one's mindset is full of tension and anxiety that could exacerbate one's breakouts.

If one's mindset is calm and peaceful that could help with one's acne.

I once saw a video about Buddhist monks meditating nearly naked in the freezing cold yet their body temperature was maintained or even rose. Such examples illustrate the power of the mind.

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Stressing about acne of course won't do anything but make it worse.

The Secret is something I follow still after a year now. It focuses on positive thinking in getting what you want to achieve.

I always thought what I wanted to achieve was clear skin, so I tried and tried forever. But then I realized that isn't the secret to it all. The secret is being happy with yourself, and after realizing that... I am. I'm okay with having acne.


(For those who don't know what it is.)

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