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pre-mature? maybe i cured my zits..

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this year has been one of the MOST stressful of my life to-date.

to make i short & sweet. i done a lot of dumb things to my face; coupled with how stressed i was... it's a miracle my ENTIRE face isn't riddled with poc-marks.

first stop when i got tired of my acne: dermatologist

....they're booked till 2011 (in my area)

called an esthetician that works for a plastic surgeons office

.... to me, that's the next best thing( if not better!) than a derm.

anyway, she offered me some expensive soap for my cystic acne (obagi clenziderm)

... tried it for a few days... amazing difference! BUT i suffered severe redness, irritation.

dropped down to 1-2 days/week for obagi at night (other days neutrogena deep clean)

honestly, the only difference i notice is everything.


a) tightens my skin (1st bottle)

b) sucks dry the clogged pores (bp bottle, the 3rd)

c) when i find myself encountering stressful situations, i do my best to talk my mind out of getting upset. (it is my belief, if i warn myself 'dude, you're gonna break out'.... i'll immediately clam down!)

d) the bp is great for spot-treatment. haven't had a failure with it, yet. once i spot a bump, i douse it in bp and within 3-4 days, it withers away.

the neutrogena will dry out my skin amazingly (in a bad way) if i use too much.

this esthetician stressed that i use a minimal amout of everything obagi, because it's "medicated" type soap.

i followed her instructions to not only obagi, but to my neutrogena fix too. it seems to work. my cheeks have cleared up 110%! i'm very happy with the results.

only thing i did different from her routine than mine (other than use diff. soap) was severely LIGHTEN how i washed my face....

...a) she suggested i 'massage' and not scrub

...b) she suggested i not use a washcloth, but my fingers ever-so-lightly (feather touch)

since i (personally) feel a drastic turn-around, is this all i needed? was someone to tell me how to wash my face properly??

skin BEFORE any treatment: extremely sensitive, highly active acne (major) cystic, on cheeks only.

pics: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/findpost-p2744725.html these are all with scarring only. the only acne present is probably 1-2 bumps, nothing major. (these are 'after' acne attacks)

i still find, that my cheeks (most acne-prone, but NOwhere else) is super red after high exposure to neutrogena (ie. used much more than a 'dime'... causes my face to turn BEET red), and, i do break out with too much exposure.

summary: was i washing TOO much, before? was i irritating my skin and thereby CAUSING acne, based on how furious i was washing?

......( i used to spot a bump and furiously scrub it until it exploded. only until i discovered this website in oct. did i stop doing that!)

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also forgot: while i was researching this website & others.... i found:

"after you wash your face w/ soap in WARM water, RINSE it in cold water (but not TOO cold)"

... i've been trying this as well, which i've never done before. i used to pretty much apply moisturizer immediately after a HOT shower.

now, i rinse i cold (immediately), dry for a few minutes... etc..., apply eye moisturizer, clothe, apply rest of face moisturizer...

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