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how to know if you need to up your dose?

So I've been looking on this site for awhile and seeing people's logs on Retin-A. I'm 26 with adult acne (never really suffered from it in my teens, but for the last two years or so had mild-moderate acne, mostly around my chin, usually inflamed, but not enough to be cysts, and general clogged pores). I decided I wanted to do something about it was was prescribed Retin-A 0.05%. Since I was prescribed this in Europe, where I lived, and didn't know a lot about it, I didn't really realize the stuff about the bad initial breakout until I read up on it about two weeks into it. Funny, if I had known about the IB and how bad it could be I'm not sure I would have started! But I figured I already put in a few weeks so I might as well see it through.

So even though I do flake a bit in the morning (mostly around old pimples) I still feel like I've adjusted well to the 0.05. And even though I'm only in my 7th week (not very far I know, since I know it usually takes 3-6 months or more) I'm still breaking out and, most annoyingly, EVERY single little thing that comes up on my face, whether I pick at it or not, leaves a red mark that lasts waaaaaay longer than normal, like weeks and weeks. (Anyone else experience this?) So even if I'm maybe not having as many new pimples a week, I feel like my face is just accumulating into one big mess of red marks.

I know from reading through some people's logs (amorfati, etc) that they really started to see improvement when they upped their does from 0.05 to 0.1 percent. What is the point that you come to when you think this is a good option? People who did this, did you wish you did it sooner?? It's just so hard to know if what's happening is normal, or if I could be speeding up the process if I was only on the right dose.

Anyone who can help me with this, and any advice on getting those red marks to fade quicker, would be REALLY appreciated.


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