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Ziana not working after 2 1/2 months

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Like the topic says Ziana is still not really working after 2 1/2 months, should i go ahead and give the regimen a try. My acne is like on the milder side of moderate.

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That's exactly what I'm going through. Woke up with a terrible breakout today and feel like giving up but I am hoping for results at the 3 month mark.

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My derm prescribed me Ziana about 2 years ago. I never experienced any change in my acne so stopped after about 3 months . I tried it again about a year ago and whatever you do make sure your skin has been off the ziana for awhile before you apply bp to your skin. I made the mistake of mixing the two and my face did not react kindly. I have pretty sensitive skin but it made my face extremely red and raw. I was using the BP before I tried to add in the ziana and my skin was fine with it and then tried to add Ziana as a spot treatment. About 1 week later I could hardly wash my face it was so painful.

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Hi there. I am a 16 year old female on ziana and 100mg minocyline every night. Last year i achieved beautiful skin after 3 months on epiduo and doxycyxline but I became resistant so the derm switched it up. However I am 2.5 months into the ziana regimen and am not pleased. I haven't seen any improvement honestly and have just recently gotten huge cysts on my naturally clear forehead.... I get so hopefull from peoples stories that say after 3 months there skin improves greatly.., but then get very discouraged when I see those posts saying the product didn't work at all. Is it normal to still be on the initial breakout 10 weeks into ziana?

Also: the last month I have been using tea tree oil basically all over my face because I was so desperate to get clear and then applying ziana directly on top.... Just yesterday I read that tea tree oil shouldn't be mixed with a tretinoin (ziana) so I stopped today and will never use it again. Also I have always applied ziana in the morning and night but am now just doing night because I thought the overuse might be contributing to my breakouts. Thoughts?

Regimen: morning: wash with cetaphil oil control foam wash

Apply cetaphil oil control moisturizer

Night: same thing but apply ziana before moisturizer and take 100mg minocycline pill

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