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I've had Acne for some time, and i want to clear it up FOR good.

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Hi, I'm Cody. 18 years old, and i have had acne since probably 8th grade. I've tried alot of things, Proactive, doctor prescribed things, and other over the counter stuff, my acne isn't as sever as it was 2 or so years ago. but its still pretty bad if you ask me. I'd like to walk into college, with a clear face, and then i can have some confidence to talk to the girls a bit more, I just don't want them to stare at my acne so much.

What can I do when I've tried all sorts of options?

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hey cody, what works for me, cleared up all my pimples (still get the little white heads /sigh)

drink a bbbbbbbuuuuunch of water

dont drink dairy

dont eat a lot of sugary foods

i had a huge sweeet tooth, but i just think: do i want to ever have a girlfriend, or do i want to eat a cookie?

bring fruits/veggies with you to school, YOU WILL EAT THEM. apples and carrots are my fav's. and brink water bottles. if you have it around you, you will eat them.

take a multivitamin

vitamin E pills

Zinc gluconate 75mg +chromium 400mcg or something close to that (helps a lot)

One side note: Green Tea helped me a ton. idk why but many other people feel the same way. just pop some tea bags into one of those water bottles shake it and weight a few minutes and theres ur tea.

i think its a natural anti-inflammatory and it has lots of anti-oxidants and some stuff thats protects the cell wall and blah blah blah. it works.

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I rarely eat or drink sugary or sweet things like soda and such. Kinda kicked that habit to the curb months ago. I'll try the green tea and water, and i do take a multi-vitamin everyday as well. Not really a fan of vegtables and such, but i can see, getting a sub for lunch more often (I put LOADS of veggies on my subs :3). and eating more fruit at home, as i normally don't have time to eat at school.

Thanks for the ideas, I'd appreciate if some more people could post some ideas as well :]

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Sorry to tell you, but you cannot really cure your acne unless you grow out of it or go on Accutane (which does not always cure for life).

Well, just clear it up you know? I've tried damn near everything. and no luck :(

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Have you tried going to a derm?

No, i haven't as i am under my parents insurance, they most likely wouldn't want me to. I could ask i suppose.

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well if you have been on doctor prescribed meds, maybe its time you stepped up to accutane. It can be a pain but it will basically eliminate you problem, for at least a few years. I totally get hwere your coming from with wanting to go out and make a good impression at college. If i were you, I would schedule an appointment, adn talk to my dermatologist about accutane. If you do this soon, you should be able to finish a full cycle before school starts.

also, everything everyone else is telling you about drinking more water and green tea is true. It does help you. But once your at college, do you really think you will be able to keep up with this? College students are notorious for eating junk and not taking care of themselves well. The best thing for you to do is go to your derm. There is a solution for everyone, it just takes time and luckily you still have time.

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