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massive 2cm cyst just off to the corner of mouth

Hi everyone...well, I have just finished taking a course of flucloxacillin for a huge, painful 2cm cyst. I looked like I had a gobstopper in my mouth because it was so swollen!

After a few days, the cyst 'burst' on its own and a lot of pus came out, and I encouraged it to do so by gently pressing against it with my tongue. It would sort of 'drain' itself every few days. I also tried putting a hot wheatbag over the cyst to encourage blood flow to the area, and this also encouraged it to drain.

The swelling has gone a lot. However, there is still a large, hard lump under the skin. It is almost like the cyst is in three parts and one part of it has not come to a head, even after the antibiotics, but is not near the surface to get it drained etc (at least, that's what the doc told me 2 days into the fluclox course). My question is, should I go back to the doctor since there is still a lump there (and it is still quite red, although not as bad as it was) or should I just hope it heals on its own?

Has anyone else had an experience like this? What did you do?

I am so fed up with acne, and I have a couple of other cysts on my neck, although they are nowhere near as big, painful and obvious!

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If it's that big, I would run to the derm and get a cortisone injection and have them drain it. What are you putting on it? Shit....sounds like it's on it's way out!!

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