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A complete guide to Chocobot's acne! Let's figure this one out!

I will describe my skin, and mention some problems I have that might or might not be related. I'm a 27 years old male, had acne since I was 13 or so. Was practically clear for a year around four or five years ago when I was sleeping full nights and getting tanned a minimum of 10 minutes a week, if not 20, and was on Proactiv for some time. I was not masturbating often back then since I was working from 9am to 9pm 5 days a week, was living with my dad, and was sleeping full nights from around 11pm to 7pm (and could fall asleep quickly).

Anyway, here goes:


I have oily skin. If I take a brown paper towel and put it on my nose or forehead or chin, or cheeks, it becomes all greasy like if I rubbed greasy food on it.


My nose shines like it's sweating, it is very oily, and the pores are very large (easy to see). The pores are often dark as if they were dirty (not like a black head, at least nothing "big", just the inside of the pore looks dirty). I sometimes get white heads on the nose, mainly on the nostrils, or where they connect to the cheeks, but it's not too much of a problem. I think it is due to rubbing my nose with my finger which might push the oily back inside and such. If I masturbate I definitly get white heads on my nostrils by the next day.


My chin is also very oily, but the pores look normal. I often get white heads on it, practically always. Could be due to shaving?

Upper lip

Not really oily (I'm pretty sure the area surrounding my mouth is the same actually). But I often get pimples on the side (the ends of the "mustache" area), and I believe it is due to shaving. This part is difficult to shave without irritating it.

Upper Cheeks

Cheeks are quite oily, the skin pores are very large. The size changes sometimes, there are rare occasions when they become smaller. I noticed so when I did my masturbation-abstention attempts. I rarely get pimples on the cheeks, BUT, when I remove my contact lenses I put a finger on them and I noticed that even if I wash my hands when I do so, I sometimes get a large red mark where I put my finger, which can turn into a large red bump with a white head on it. I noticed this happened if my skin had become more oily than usual and the skin pores have gotten bigger. I believe that my finger pushes the oily back inside and this causes a bad reaction. It is 100% guaranteed that if I want to I can "create" this pimple by pushing on my cheek with my finger. It will start with an itchy sensation and reddish skin, then turn into an itchier red bump and then a white head might appear on top. It can be the size of the tip of my finger that touches the skin. Otherwise I have no pimples on my cheeks.

Lower Cheeks (I think I made up this term)

This is basically the part of your cheeks that you can "suck inward" like the models do. I almost always have pimples there, at least one one side or the other if not both. Might be shaving related? The part near my sideburns are always clear on the other hand.


My forehead is also quite oily as well, but I NEVER breakout on my forehead. The skin there looks very normal, even good, but it is oily. I don't mind tho, if the rest of my face was like this I would be happy. I never get pimples on it unless I scratch it a lot or something like that. Really, it's a "no issue" part of my face to me.


Oily but not TOO much. But I often get white heads on it, and I believe it is due to shaving because this area is easy to irritate too when shaving.


Back of the neck is usually clear, so not really a problem. If I do get a pimple it is more likely due to touching (my skin is oily after all, so touching is always bad). But in general I never get pimples there except maybe near the hairline. Washing it good seems to keep them away. When I was younger it broke out like mad when I was drinking smoothies I would make once to twice a day (orange juice, two kiwis, two eggs, a banana = sugar overload!!!!!!!!), it was like a volcano.


Not oily, normal skin, no acne there, but if I shave my chest and don't use aftershave on it I might get one or two.

Upper Back

Oily, annoying. ALWAYS some pimples there, but it comes and goes. Like, right now, it has been clearing up a lot recently, but now I have two rather large red spots/white heads on it. Sometimes it is full of pimples. I feel like wearing a tight wife-beater makes things worst, so I wear some lose ones instead and wash them often. I think the pressure of the clothing on my oily back pushes the oil back in, causing pimples.


That is all. The rest of my body is acne-free. So as we can see, it seems that:

1- Touching oily parts of my skin, especially those with large open pores, causes a reaction that leads to formation of pimples.

2- Parts of my face that are really constantly breaking out, other than my upper back, are parts that come in contact with my razor blade. Sideburns-area are perfectly fine tho, even if I shave them.

3- Masturbating increases skin pore size, oil production, and makes me breakout bad.

Stomach problems - Masturbation-related?

If I masturbate for a short time I will usually get a breakout in the following days. But if I masturbate for like two hours, I can end up with cramps in the lower parts of my abdomen (a bit to the left and right, below my navel, like where you put your hands if you hold your belly). I might also end up with cramps in my testicles. That is usually a guaranteed breakout within 24 hours, and on a shorter term my skin feels like crap like it is becoming tighter and oilier, with white heads starting to emerge on my nose, upper lip, chin, etc.

I also noticed that, might not be related, but I often have loose stool.


I don't sleep enough. I'll work on that. I get around 6 hours of sleep a night, except on the weekend. I got to bed at around 1am and wake up at 8:30. It takes me around an hour to fall asleep.

That's all I can think of for now.

Edited by Chocobot

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