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My story begins at about 16 when I started taking birth control. Ortho tri cyclen was pill of choice for most of that time. At 30 I got engaged and knew we would start a family soon after marriage so I decided to stop taking the pill and let my body adjust. Well that started the nightmare. The breakouts started on my face and moved to my back. As if this wasn't enough, I later developed cyst acne. These large mountains on my face would last at least 7 to 10 days. I was devastated and in shock that I was having to go through this. I went to the dermatologist a few times and got new prescriptions each time. These included topicals like 3% benzo wash, an expensive foam that was like $300 and finally the little blue pill, doxycycline. And let's not leave out ALL the different skincare lines I tried as well from drugstore brands to proactive to philosophy. I got facials every other month trying to exfoliate my skin. The money I was spending and my face was out of control. So here I was a year later, 31 taking an antibiotic(doxycycline) which was absolutely great to begin with but was definitely not working so good anymore and two months til my wedding day. I was completely stressed I would have pimples and cysts in my wedding photos. That's when I ordered acne statin. I followed the regimen exactly except I used the acne treatment cream (orange bottle) both day and night. I kid you not when I say in three weeks I was in the clear. I do use a makeup remover but otherwise I only use the acne statin. My cyst acne is completely gone. I'm not gonna say I am 100% clear 100% of the time, but it's pretty close and my wedding was beautiful. The best part is I can use this when I get pregnant. This worked for me so I hope this helps.

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I followed the regimen exactly

Do you steam your face as their web site recommends?

Yes. I actually bought a facial sauna and use that every night just like it says. Before I bought it I would take a washcloth and run it under hot water, wring it out, and use that to steam my face.

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I've never heard of this product...can you tell us a little more about it and where do you buy it?

Acne-Statin is made of two parts: the blue bottle is your cleanser/moisturizer lotion(CML) and the orange bottle is your acne treatment cream(AcTc). CML is hypoallergenic and non-irritating. This is your cleanser day and night. At night however I use a clean and clear makeup remover before cleaning with the CML because I wasn't sure it really broke down my makeup that well. AcTc contains salicylic acid 0.5% which is to be used during the day. It says to use the CML at night but since my acne was pretty bad, I used the AcTc at night as well. The nighttime routine takes about 5-10 minutes because you steam your face after cleansing and before putting on the CML or AcTc. I've used other products with salicylic acid that only kind of worked but I thought I'd try this anyway because the website had a 90 day moneyback guaruntee. The one thing I was shocked by was it didn't dry my face out at all. When I used proactiv, I had LAYERS of skin cracking and coming off to the point of rawness. So this was a great change! You can find out more and order from their website: acnestatin.com. After going through so many prescriptions and skincare lines and hearing other people's stories and trying what worked for them, I do believe there isn't one fix for everyone. But this really has helped me control my skin. I gave a set to one of my good friends who has suffered terrible cyst acne around her chin for years. She had been going to a dermatologist for 2 years with so so results. This worked for her too.

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