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closed comedones and red marks


i have acne prone skin and when i was younger had bad acne, i went on accutane and it cleared it all up..... yay!!!!

anyway i now 28 and for the last 2 years i have noticed a change in my skin again.

1) after washing it will get oily very quick (even if i use a mositurizer)

2) i have loads(when i say loads i mean loads, my forehead looks like a blinds mans dictionary) of closed comedones(some flesh coloured bumps and some reddish) on my forehead and quite a few on my cheeks and the sides of my head.

3) even tho i dont have loads of spots/acne, the spots i get(about 5/6 a week) are quite big and will leave really bad red marks that take ages to heal. so as it is, not only do i have closed comedones i have a face full of red marks, some stronger in colour than others( depending on how old they are)

im currently using agera ultra mild face wash and agera spf25 moisturizer, i do find them good and gentle for my skin, i have also tried many products that use BHA's (salicylic acid), but overall they havent been very good. i have also tried things like apple cider vinegar and i've just purchased paula choice 2%bha liquid, which im currently using now.(fingers crossed)

i was thinking about giving green cream a try, the reason being.

1) i have quite blotchy skin and green cream says it can help with pigment and uneven tone

2) it says it can help with red marks and blemishes

3) it says it can reduce subum glands and help with larger pores.

i do think that the main problem im having is with oily skin, i reacon if i could slow the oil down a lot ofmy problems will disappear.

can anyone help with a bit of advice, or has anyone used green cream, i have seen the thread from lion queen, just wondering if anyone else has used it.

thanx steve

p.s if only i could go back on to accutane, i know that would stop my oil production

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well, im guessing no one has used green cream here then....anyway, its been just over a week with using paulas choice 2% bha liquid and be honest i have seen an improvement, im not 100% impressed with it, as there are still quite a few red marks, but i do think its helping with fading, plus it has reduced the amount and intensity of the spots i was getting. hopefully if i keep using it, i will get to see move of an improvement.

i still have a bit of an oil problem aswell, so not out of the woods yets.

also was thinking of trying this niacin, supplement. who has tried it here and did they get good results?

cheers peeps

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