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i have Bad Acne, and im sick of it......

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Alright so, im first going to start off and say, i got my first pimple when i was in like the 7th grade ( i was made fun of none the less!) and from there my acne has begun... over the years it has gotten worse.. then cleared up over and over countless times. (its like it goes with the seasons, around the winter time my acne gets way worse, i live in northern Wisconsin and in the summer it gets way better! not because my skin gets red! it acculay clears up) now that im a junior in high school, im really sick of having pimples. i mean i have bad acne. im a vegetarian (have been for more than 2 and a half years) does acne worsen when your a veggiehead?..... i wear makeup probley only half of the time because i really dont want my face to break out worse... oh yeah and my face is somewhat oily, but dry..

i get white heads(papules,pustules),black heads (on the nose and under the bottom lip)

sometimes but rarely lesions and small cysts but mainly the the first two...

now to the real point, in the past 2 weeks ive started to do this.

i wash my face with clean&clear and i use a moisturizer everyday

i exfoliate like once a week and after i get done with that i put a astringent/toner on my face to balance out the PH...

am i doing this right?.... or am i doing to much?

should i not use a astringent on my face after exfoliating or should i use a moisturizer?

i need advice? :redface:

oh yeah and i forgot to put, ive been to the dermatologist and used that stuff that he gave me but that never really worked.

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I think you should give the derm another try. One bad experience is hard to forget but give it another try. Also, try taking some zinc/fish oil. It may help.

I get sick off fish oil. nausea and stuff.

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