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Many diff products, Which Combonation is best?

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Hi, I am currently 19 years old and I have very mild acne, and a good amount of hyperpigmentationm. My skin type is asian, and has sensitive skin. I been using Dan's regmin for at least 8 months now and got rid of most of my acne, but now the problem is I have really bad red marks left after the regmin. I've been reading through this forums for some time now and now trying a lot of different things to get my face clean and clear.

What I have on my shelf is..

Dan' BP, Mositurizer, and cleanser

Aqua Glycolic

Cetaphil SPF ?% (Can't remember what % it was.)


Thinking about purchasing ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

My Current regimin is


Aqua Glycolic

Spot treat with AHA+

Spot Treat with BP

Cetaphil Moisturizer SPF ?%


Aqua Glycolic

Spot Treat with AHA+

2 Pumps of BP

I really heard good things about ACV, and wanted to add it to my regimin, and wanted to know what would the best way to use each products for the best results. Thank you

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Hi! I have had success with 40-55% glycolic peels. You can get a small bottle on the makeup artists choice website (aka MUAC) for about $20. Then I use Ambi- which has hydroquinone in it-- which inhibits melanin production and keeps the spots from turning red. You can get ambi at the drugstore for about $6. The only thing to keep in mind with the peels is that you cannot put the glycolic acid directly on wounds (scabs or current acne) or it will burn like crazy and the wounds will become even bigger scabs- like you stuck a lit cigarette to your face. :redface: I have pictures on page if you wanna see how my red marks have faded just in the last month. Good luck!

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