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Accutane just for very severe?

So when I was about 16 I kept getting but kept getting cystic acne. I wasn't too bothered at the time, would just sue anything on my face. But when I got to 18 I could not stand it anymore so I tried the acne.org regimen. My acne improved and would only get about 2 inflammed spots a week. I was ok with this. At the time I could not take tablets so antibiotics etc were out of the question.

My acne came back when I was 20 and the regimen was no longer keeping it under control. In the end I went to my doctor as I was really unhappy and he gave me an antibiotic lymecycline. This was ok for about a year but not great and I would still get a few whiteheads a week.

Recently my acne has come back bad, my doctor said i'm becoming resistant to the antibiotics. He started me on minocycline a few months ago but I have seen little improvement. My doctor just says keep taking them and that acne usually goes by the time people turn 25.

I am 21, just when I feel my face is getting better my acne comes back again. I have tried just about every topical medication to no avail long term. If I was not on antibiotics I would have cystic acne occasionally with many whiteheads. My face is never really clear with lots of inflammed acne. Even an exfoliator with antibiotics can't fix this.

I have heard good things about acutane. Even though my acne is not severe as i'm on antibiotics which keep it at bay for a short while but my acne is moderate with many non-inflammed bumps.

I was wondering if I would be a good candidate for accutane? I have tried just about everything. I'm 21 and want to feel more confident about my skin. I feel my acne is stopping me doing things in life.

I live in the UK and was wondering if my doctor would be able to refer me to a dermatologist if I asked him? Or could I go privately to a dermatologist? Is this expensive? Would they necessarily prescribe me accutane if I have had acne long-term but is not very severe, but more than just average acne?

Sorry for the long post :)

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If I were you I would try combining antibiotics with a topical such as benzaclin or topical erythromycin. Combining topicals with oral antibiotics always worked well for me.

If you want to go through with accutane, understand that it might get worse before it gets better and this is not an easy drug to get through. I don't think anyone goes through a course of accutane saying, "Oh gosh, that was a breeze!" I've had relatively few side effects, and positive results, and I'm still SO READY to be done. So just imagine how you'd feel if you had many side effects, or you didn't see the results you wanted.

Tough decision, but find a good derm and they will help you make the best choice. Good luck!

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