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Antibiotics question and other stuff

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Been on Amoxi(something) for two months...never did anything for me so my doctor switched me to Doxcy and I've been on it for a month and a half and I'm perfectllyyy clear. Problem is...if I skip taking it for a few days I break out badddddd. So everyday I take one. The problem though, is how long can I take 100mg Doxcy before I get resistant? I know it's different for everyone, but on average?

I can't ask my Derm cause he's an ass and tells me to take them foreverrrrrrr and when I ask about resistance he just shrugs it off and tells me the sameee thing. No topical cream has ever worked on me. Doxcy is the only thing that works. My derm won't give me any other pills but antiobitics and keeps giving me topical treatments even though he knows topical treatments do nothing for me. :/ ( Plus he always gives me something with BP in it even though I'm ALLERGIC)

Are there any other pills BESIDE antibiotics that I can take for acne? Because my derm refuses to discuss it with me and either brings up accutane (NOT DOING THAT) or antibiotics. Obviously, I don't go to him anymore and am currently in the process of looking for another derm.

But until then, anyone have some advice on what I can do? Keep taking the doxcy for longer or try to find some other pills?

Thanks. :)

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Well I'm on a maintenance dose of minocycline (1 x 50mg a day) and I'm very happy with the results. Topical products like benzoyl peroxide, retin a, dalacin t have always irratated and inflamed my face. Since I'm acne prone all over my face I would have to apply these topicals on all areas, I've also been told that spot treatment is not the best way to treat my acne. I don't want to go on accutane either because my derm says why use something that is so dangerous which might have to repeated (it's not the cure that so many members here at acne.org seem to think it is). So maybe ask your derm or family doctor about lowering your dose if your worried about continuing at 100mg a day. I'm not sure about problems with resistance with doxy, my derm likes minocycline.

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Well every antibiotic I was on, I became resistant after 7 weeks. And yes, if you miss a day or 2, your acne will come back. I heard that some peope can take an antibiotic for a year or 2 without bacterial resistance. If you do need another antibiotic, I'm almost sure generic bactrim will work (Sulfamethoxazole-trim...something or other).

I replied this on several different posts: I also tried a lot of antibiotics: doxycycline, erythromycin, Bactrim, clindamycin (oral), penicillin, amoxicillin, and currently ciprofloxacin. Erythromycin and clindamycin didn't work at all for my acne. I think it's because those are most effective against gram-negative bacteria or gram positive, I can't remember which one. All the other antibiotics are effective on both the gram type bacteria. The derms suggested accutane many times. I had reasons, other than side effects, why I didn't want to take it. I left that hospital and went somewhere else, that's where i got the cipro. It isn't the only thing i got, though. Acne is mainly caused by hormone imbalances. Your body is has wayy too much testosterone, and is telling your body to produce all kinds of oil. That oil clogs your pores and traps the bacteria, forming acne. Antiandrogens are used to control the testosterone level. So the doctor also decided to put me on spironolactone "spiro". This is proven to treat server acne, and get rid of all the excess oil. Many people go on this for an acne medication. Some also get a birth control pill to improve the effectiveness. It takes anywhere from 1-3 months to start clearing acne. It only takes 1-2 weeks for all the oil to stop being produced. I was able to go 12 hours without washing my face; no oil. Usually I have so much oil, I have to wash it every couple hours. I read, I believe on this site, this girl was on antibiotics, and accutane. The accutane stoped working after a while, so she went on this and stayed clear. Go to google and type Spironolactone for acne, read the reviews. I would bring this up to your derm. You also want a healthy immune system. Take a multivitamin, and zinc 50 mg capsules (1 or twice daily). If you have scars, take a shower at night. After the shower, break a zinc capsule open, pour the powder on your finger tips, use your other hand to sprinkle water on the powder, rub it in untill it's like a liquid, and rub it on your face. Leave that on over night, and you'll be good. Zinc is amazing. I think give zinc and spiro a shot. After 3-4 months if you still have acne, may God have mercy on your soul. Good luck to you and enjoy your life.

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Hmm. Thanks. :)

I take Zinc 1 daily.

Um...the kind I have it just a plain pill. Can I crush that up and use the powder? Will it still be the same?

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I do not advocate a mantinance dose of any antibiotics.

Antibiotics, in my opinion, should be used in cases of emergency sickness. As for topicals not working, well, it took me a long time to realize this but there are a lot more than you think. Even if you stray way from BP, there is still azelaic acid, mandelic, glycolic, and lactic acid products.

Just don't give up hope yet. :comfort:

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