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Constant jawline acne? (male)

I'm 16 now and since I've been 14 I have always had acne from below my nose to the top area of my neck. I see lots of threads about his for females and they simply go on the pill and it usually works for them but what does someone like me do? I've been to the dermatologist and he put me on this:

morning: Benzol Peroxide wash (irratates my skin)

100mg of Minocycline

night: differin gel and a lotion with sulfur and salicylic acid.

I eat healthy and i am very fit, i just don't get why my acne only appears on the lower part of my face? If anybody has had this sort of thing please help, its annoying how out of nowhere a pimple will pop up somehow through all the chemicals the derm prescribed me.


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your hairs could curve back into skin. not like an ingrown hair which is in the follicle. they could be curving back and the outer part of a hair enters another pore or follicle. you could try shaving more frequently with and electric razor. like 3 times a day or at least twice. also try to get a swivel head electric razor it helps if you have a big jaw.

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hey man i know what your going through i have perfectly clear skin from my cheek bones up. Im 18 now but this started when i was 15. my acne was at its worst in the same areas as yours ONLY when i was using any kind of benzoyl peroxide. I now just wash my face with salicylic acid, and moisturize with acne free green tea moisturizer which i get both from walgreens. I am also a month in with erythromycin an antibiotic. the doctor recommended that i wash my face with benzoyl peroxide but i just stopped that after a week cause it only made my skin worse and when my skin is irritated it fights back with big red pimples. However you said you were fit. If your excercising every day there is no need to use a topical. When i was playing soccer in high school my skin was perfectley clear and i never used a topical. but when the soccer season ended i always needed a topical. ps i stopped using a cleanser on the underside of my jaw and upper neck and the acne started going away. irritation will just make acne worse.

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