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Month 4 Checkup

Had my appointment to start month 4 today. Bloodwork is still good. My derm actually used the word impeccable to describe my bloodwork, so that made me feel good.

I got compliments from both the nurse and derm on my skin which also made me feel good.

So, now I continue on with my 60mg dose. Not much else to say, my skin has been clear for the better part of two months and my lips are terrible. That's about the only side effect I'm dealing with.

So far:

Month 1: 20mg

Month 2: 40mg

Month 3: 60mg

2 months to go!

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Congrats jbird, sounds like you are doing really well! I had to chuckle at your post, your day sounds freakishly similar to mine :lol: . I had my derm appt to start my fourth month today, the doc and PA were both saying my blood levels were great (cholesterol and liver enzymes actually both went DOWN this month) and the nurse who was there for my first couple appts came up to me(there was a different nurse with me for this appt) and kept going on about how much better my skin looks. So the only part I wish was also similar for me is that my skin has definitely not been clear for two months :boohoo: But for sure better than when I started, so I'm good with that lol.

I've also posted about this it seems like in a ton of other threads, but my lips have gotten some major relief by this balm I got from my derm called Chopsaver. They got crazy dry like halfway through my second month after I got bumped to 80mg. Nothing was working, but this stuff has them feeling about as close to normal as accutane lips can get lol. Several people on this site have gotten it and commented on how they like it too. Dr Dans cortibalm and Aquaphor weren't even working for me anymore, but the Chopsaver is literally all I've used for probably a month or so now and I LOVE it. It's not sold in drug stores but you can get it online or at some music stores (it was created I guess for musicians who get really dry lips). The Chopsaver website has a store locator that shows stores and derms offices that carry it. Hope that helps.

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Thanks! I actually saw your posts on Chopsaver and ordered some from Amazon last weekend. I got it this week. I haven't been using it exclusively however. I use it in conjunction with aquafor.

I'll be using it alot more starting next week, so we'll see how my lips improve.

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