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Can you take Accutane well on spironolactone?

is this a option?

Wow great question, I would also like to know this because I was on Spiro for a few months and it helped somewhat, so I imagine it would be a killer combo. Thing I would be worried about is the fact that Spiro is a diuretic, which makes you pee A LOT and if you aren't careful you will become severely dehydrated, which I did despite the fact that I drink 10 glasses of water a day in addition to other fluids. I would totally go on it again though because it helped a bit and my boobs grew almost 2 cup sizes bigger lol. It messed up my period though because most people use it on top of a BCP, which I did not. They're both really serious drugs and lots of dermatologists are reluctant to prescribe either, let alone both at the same time...but I'm sure it's been done.

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I was on spironolactone before starting accutane and my derm had me stop taking it while I was in my 30 day accutane waiting period. He said I had to stop the spiro, although I didn't really ask why, so not sure what the reasoning was.

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Spiro is a component of YAZ, which I know many women take with accutane (myself included). Maybe ask for YAZ as your birth control while you take accutane.

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