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hi all,

i just wanted to share my experince with back acne and then give you my regimen on what cured my back acne.

First off i have had back acne on and off now for the last 4-5 years some times it was more severe then other others not. I have managed to clear it up 2-3 times but it finally came back. The time i thought i had found success was when i was using vinegar. The remedy was to wash with a pouf or warm cloth vinegar on the back in a hot shower while pores were open and let it sit about 1 min or two then rinse. i used plain white vinegar and it worked great it cleared my acne in two weeks. For some reason i read about acv and it being even better for acne so i switched over. Big mistake! after that one pimple turned into three, 5 and then my whole back. I tried to swich back to regular vingegar but it was no longer working. i just couldnt figure it out and was frustrated i then tried otc meds like salycylic acid which helped very little it made the pimples come to a head but my skin was red itchy and irritated , a few would go away and then more would crop up it was like a never ending cycle.

i then came across my savior and magical herb turmeric. i fell accidentaly on a thread here on the org about turmeric and acne you guys can look it up. i did alot of research on turmeric and found that it is extremely effective at getting rid of acne and scars at he same time which is wonderful since it sucks when you get rid of acne then need another product to get rid of the scars. this does both jobs without the harch effects of bp(which i cant stand by the way and have used all my life to no success for facial breakout and you name it) i came across on the net about some cream called vicco cream from india which got amazing reviews from hundreds of people all over. the only thing though is that this cream only has a 12% turmeric extract.

i dindt feel like spending extra money for the cream so i created my own since i had turmeric at home which you can buy from any health food market especially asian and i mixed it with sudocream the cream turned yellowish and i applied this to my back every night for a week and guess what my back is 99% clear, all i have left is slight scarring and flaky skin from where some of the pimples were. it is simply amazing all that in one short week and my back was full of tiny to medium sized red clustered itchy irritated pimples.

i need to warn some of you though is that turmeric caused skin to take on a yellowish tinge but honesly i dont care since its not permannet anc can be scrubbed off with baking soda , vinegar or whatever. the tinge dissapears naturally after a couple of days anyway. also you can control the concentration of your cream since your are making it yourself the more yellow the sudo cream and turmeric mixture is the yellower your back will become. other great things about turmeric is it evens out skin tone , fades scars and makes skin glow.

please try this remedy i guarantee you will see results

also i started taking a turmeric supplemet internally to help with acne from surfacing

and i also wanted to add that when you do this regimen do not wash your back every night since your back needs to preserve its natural oils since unlike the face they say backne is caused by dry skin. i wash my back every three nights unles i was sweating or feel really greasy before i apply my cream. i also wear old t-shirts since turmeric will stain clothes yellow

so this is my remedy best of luck to all and let me know if it work for you.

you can also use this cream on face to prevent and treat pimple and to fade scars. my skin tone is alot brighter thanks to turmeric. scars will look darker for two to three days but then its like the dead skin of the red mark peels of and reveals fresh skin jsut like a very mild chemical peel. simply amazing.

this will also turn face yellow but i use an aspirin mask all over mixed with aloe leave it on 3o mins and gets rid of all the yellow.

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Hmm this is very interesting. How long have you used the tumeric for? and what is sudocream exactly? I'm going to read up on this it sounds great thanks for posting.

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Ok so I did a bit of research and found a scientific study on the use of tumeric to treat acne:


The study was published in a 2007 issue of the Indian Journal of Dermatology and it found no statistical difference among participants with acne who used turmeric and those who did not.

"From this study we conclude that turmeric ... has no influence on acne."

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