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Retinols and non-inflamed acne

I'm new to the boards (hello!) and I'm sure this topic has been discussed in depth and I apologize in advance!

I used to have sort of mild acne, but then got put on a fantastic regimen-- minocycline 100mg every night and a sulfur acne drug called Prosacion have really done the trick. I also have stopped using facial scrubs as I've heard they are generally bad for you. What are the thoughts on facial scrubs on these boards? I was told that using Cetophyl gentle cleanser is better and not to mess with over the counter facial scrubs since they are just irritating and don't help.

Anyway but to my real question. I'm not sure I have "acne" per se anymore-- my skin luckily is very smooth, but whenever I look at my face in a makeup mirror, or in any mirror where there's high lighting like a hair salon, I HATE IT. My skin tone is generally uneven, and there's quite a few (not a lot though) marks from old acne. I've always been a big tanner and like to lay out in the sun and I'm sure that's why the acne marks have stayed for so long-- so I put on an SFP 15 moisturizer from neuutrogena in the morning to improve the sun damage and protect my face.

But, my question is-- for uneven skin tone and red blotchiness from old acne (again, it's not major at all and I only notice it looking in a mirror close up) what do derms usually prescribe? Will they prescribe a retinol or retin-A?

Generally for these types of drugs, for someone on an antiobiotic like minocycline and for someone who doesn't get so many pimples (maybe 1 or 2 every so often), is the risk of an "initial breakout" that bad?

Thanks guys. I wish everyone the best luck with their regimens! :dance:

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