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What to try next - Mandelic Acid or Retinoid

I'm pretty new to the boards, been lurking a while, but here's my story.

I usually get really big inflammed acne around my period that takes forever to heal and I pick at them so that makes others appear. Well I've almost got that under control. I've been taking Vitex for two months and I've seen an improvement in quantity and duration and I suspect that within another month or so I may be free or almost free of hormonal acne. When I do get the inflammed acne I will pop it a the appropriate time and then cover it in neosporin and it's usually gone in a few days. I'm still looking for complete relief from the hormonal acne, but that's another post.

Now, however I also have non-inflamed acne mostly in the chin area. I refuse to use BP and have been having some limited success with AHA/BHA and a Glycolic Acid gentel peel used 1-2xs a week. I'm also using Olay's Regenerist line. In general my skin looks much healthier and most of the bumps I had on my checks are gone and my forhead is looking better, but when you pull the skin around my chin or I smile and you can see TONS of bumps and if I push on them stuff comes out ALWAYS. If I would just leave them alone, no one would probably notice unless they were up close, but because of the inflammed acne I'm always in the mirror so I end up picking at them.

I'm also looking to get rid of some of the minor scaring (it's coverable with makeup but I'd like to feel good without makeup too) so I've been reading up on Mandelic Acid and Retinoids (Green Cream) and not sure what to try next or what actual product is best. I also don't know if I start one of these do I need to stop the AHA/BHA and/or Glycolic Acid peel? I'm also looking for something that doesn't cost to much but does the job. So what do you suggest, MA or Rentinoid, which product is best and can I continue the AHA/BHA and Glycolic Acid? Thanks!

I wanted to add that I've only been using the AHA/BHA and Glycolic Acid for about 3 weeks, and I can't remember how long you're supposed to give each system before ruling out that it doesn't work. Do you think maybe I ought to give it more time before moving onto something else?

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I've just orded some Mandelic Acid and a sample of Green Cream from www.dianayvonne.com

What you might like to do is look at thier samples

I've used Glycolic and Salicylic acids for years and they are both good.

The benefits of Green Cream sound really good but the thought of purging is scary but if it works as well as it has for some people it's got to be worth a try.

Generally give a product at least a month to see what it's like

I hate the trial and error stuff

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