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Need advice for regime

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ok im new here and i think i seriously need advice in my regime.

Here is what i do two times a day(Morning and Night):

First, i use the UV cool cleanser by Follow Me

I'm quite comfortable with this. It really leaves a cool and refreshing feeling after cleansing.


After patting dry, i use this bio serum which claims to be useful for repairing scars. (I apply using cotton wool throughout my face since i have scars all throughout.)

Rosken Skin Repair Bio Serum


Next,I spread this pimple gel throughout thoroughly on my entire face

Then i dib an excess,on any obvious pimples i have.

Follow Me Oil Control Pimple Gel


*Contains tea tree, salicylic acid and arctostaphylos uva ursi leaf extract

Does it matter if i use pimple gel to treat acne?Cause i have both acne and pimples.

Last but not least, moisturizer for the entire face (i would 'splat' a pea-sized amount on the four major areas of the face and spread them afterwards)

Acts as a sunblock and contains fragrance.Is the fragrance harmful to the skin in any way?

Nu Teen All Clear Moisturiser


Can i still continue this regime?Really need help asap.Thanks in advance.





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